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    anyone seeing PVD recently??

    That is very farm from the truth. Almost all DJ's I've heard at Viva and Guvernment have played for a lot longer than 2 hours. It's only at rave parties that DJs played less than 2 hours(and rave parties barely ever have great Trance headliners nowadays) Best example is Deep Dish - they...
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    Destiny 43

    NEVER, EVER EVER too much trance :rolleyes:
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    why is there no love for trance on tribe

    All trance loving fans have long abandoned this site and are now frequenting tranceaddict :D
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    Tiesto goes Techno?

    DJ Tiesto - Space Age 1 A oldie techno set by Tiesto.
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    Mega City NYE

    They had problems with lazers that's why they shut them off. They will be fixed before next party. As far as overpacking goes, I'm pretty sure it's Destiny who is responsible. Regular Viva clubnights are never overpacked! In fact, they refuse admission to people once the club reaches capacity!
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    Fav toronto trance DJ

    Re: ....trance??? If he wanted to? that's a ridiculous statement.. If Tiesto WANTED TO, he could have dismantled ANY DJ out there! But yeah, Deko-ze is great, but he is not Trance !
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    Ever heard of DJ Cor Fijneman?

    Yep, that track is absolute quality ! Hopefully Tiesto will spin it on the 14th(there is actually a chance of that, since apparently he played it this saturday at Godskitchen) !
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    Ever heard of DJ Cor Fijneman?

    Allure = Tiesto + Cor Fijneman Cor Fijneman actually played a 1.5 hr set at Cream in MTL
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    The best party or event of 2002...

    No doubt ! M.A.U.R.O. P.I.C.O.T.T.O @ System Soundbar ! Everything was perfect: Music, People, Vibe.. Nothing can top this !