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    JEMZ's Chillin' Private Lounge

    in mere months... this thread will turn 15. JEMZ and the gang... just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you all today. cheers from your still in saskatoon pal... soulmantra
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    Yo Yo Yo Luxury Pool

    Neon Neon - Luxury Pool Feat. Fatlip - YouTube you guys have missed out on a sweet Krimas party. nutso.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    super cool. love the groove and the vocal sample too. best thing i've heard today in the "what the hell..." thread and i've been through quite a few pages. nice work.
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    Russian Homophobia and generalized propaganda

    I'm thinking that when Russia was awarded the games in the first place... maybe about 0% of us would have considered them a suitable host country for the ideals the Olympics are supposed to uphold. Having said that... Canada probably doesn't fair too well either, if we are honest with...
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    Is there anybody...out there?

    well this song is probably the deadliest thing playing in anybody's headphones in saskatoon or saskadelphia or anythefuckwhere else at this moment... can't get enough of it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec_RLIoukAg
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    DJ SPINZ - Frozen City (Classic Heavy DnB) - SpinzCycle 007

    WOW. just what i needed today. starting the 2nd listen right now. i'm far from any kind of d'n'b head so i didn't really recognize more than a couple names in the tracklisting and not really any of the actual tracks. having said that... this blew me away. the tracks play together very...
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    Babysitter / Child care help... one night only

    has anybody ever used one of these services? nannies on call or in a pinch or can you suggest something better? we have a 4 year old and a 1 year old that will need care for just one evening out. i never know where to ask these kinds of questions but any help is greatly appreciated...
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    Aaron Santos 'Mosaic' *deep, raw, stripped down techhouse*

    i could really use this mix today. but it's not available any longer. it's been too long and this is too good.
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    TERRANCE JORDAN the television will be revolutionized [ACID TECHNO]

    http://soundcloud.com/terrancejordan/televisionwillberevolutionized 00.00 WARMDUSCHER // 10 KLEINE BASSDRUMMS palle pille mix [TRACID TRAXX] 05.33 maybe something ROUTEMASTER or maybe HAZCHEM ??? 11.01 LOCHI // ACID JUNKIES [ROUTEMASTER] 15.36 D.O.M. // ACID WAR liberator's 303...
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    been thinking about getting one myself... any thoughts to share about any pros or cons you came across before deciding to go for it?
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    Rich Hope - BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2012

    awesome. totally feeling the humping martian vibe early on!
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    Rents - Sun 'N Bass (warm drum 'n bass)

    very cool indeed! very nice warm walk to work today and this is really hitting the spot and keeping me going after a late night of NCAA action. sun 'n bass is better than red bull in your face! thanks rentboy. it's awesome to still come on here and get a chance to check out your stuff. have...
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    March Madness 2012

    off to a slow start but really enjoyed the VCU v. WICHITA ST game yesterday. lots of boring games but that'll change come saturday if not sooner. TSN has terrible coverage this year. so disappointed with the way they are broadcasting this so randomly despite having 2 channels devoted to it...
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    Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive.com Presents - TRMA Vol 2 - Dj Lush

    well Side B is certainly hitting the spot over here! loving the mood and the music so far. thanks for sharing.
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    MacBook Pro... New vs. Old

    it connects to my tv just fine (for netflix et al.) because my TV has a monitor imput. sweet 42" panasonic plasma too. i don't do any gaming on it. and it works just fine for editing videos of my 3 year old daughter. so far the only real problems i've run into are OS related. so as soon...
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    MacBook Pro... New vs. Old

    so my very generous dad bought me a macbook pro when they first came out (5 or 6 years ago). i've just upgraded the RAM (512mb > 2gb) and am about to upgrade from OS X 10.4 > 10.6 (snow leopard). it only has 80gb storage. it works great and i love it. now he just bought me a new one. 4gb...
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    iPhoto photo book replacement / suggestions?

    well blurb looks pretty good but i couldn't install it on my macbook pro (OS too old) and had to use my crapass old HP desktop instead. not ideal but we shall see.
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    iPhoto photo book replacement / suggestions?

    sweet. looks awesome. thanks.
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    iPhoto photo book replacement / suggestions?

    hey gang... in the past i have used the service within iPhoto to send off my photo books and have them printed and delivered. only problem is i'm currently waiting on an upgrade to my OS X because mine (tiger) no longer supports ordering from within iPhoto 6. so in the meantime... are...
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    MP’s bid to protect flag adds another notch to Harper’s patriotic belt

    funny thing is during most of my worldly travels in the last 5+ years... if you display a canadian flag on your "luggage and such" then most people assume you are american!