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    DJ Rush is such an incredible producer

    Huh.... I guess I find it really sad that he denied being anything but straight in a recent mag interview I read. Too bad, that even in the nighttime world of clubbing and hedonistic debauchery one has to lie (or be very evasive) about sexual preference. Here are the facts -- when asked...
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    DJ Rush is such an incredible producer

    ... yep, he has played in drag (as well as many other costumes / make-up), AAAANNNNDDD on stilts. Although he has been playing in civvies any time I've seen him in the last three years. However.... contrary to popular belief, putting eyeliner and a dress on, walking around on stilts with...
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    Help! Johannes Heil - Paranoid Dancer

    ....and I always thought it was-- "We Dance Paranoid". Kristian
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    Berlin...Where to stay? (quality hostels perhaps)

    Okay... easy call. If you want nice rooms, central location, and spotless, new facilities then stay at the Circus II at Rosenthaler Platz (U7 line). It has a cool bar downstairs which makes meeting other travellers super easy. If you want good rooms, okay location (Zinnowitzer Strasse on...
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    Stevie Buggie

    I am curious... Does Steve Bug really have a rep as a "techno" DJ in Canada? I get to see him about once or twice a month, and I have never heard him spin anything but deep house... His releases (mostly on Poker Flat as far as I am aware) are also far removed from what I would call techno...
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    what do you 'COOL' techno elitists think about THE HACKER ?

    I really like him, but I think he is very "Jekyll and Hyde"... Jekyll-- -DJ set in Berlin for this year's Love Parade (sci-fi tek funk that blew my mind) -Miss Kittin and the Hacker Gigolo release had some great moments (which never got play in clubs) -Remix of Si Begg's "Welcome to the...
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    [über-geek alert] warhammer [/über-geek alert]

    I used to be waaaay into RPGs (I`m even a credited playtester on two products). But as I got older there just seemed to be less and less people who were also into gaming that I could see myself hanging out with. It's not a nerd / non-nerd issue.... it`s an age thing. There are not many people...
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    tracks that own you at the moment and others should check out

    Some current faves..... (Oh yeah, let me just clarify what I like so you have some perspective on my selections. I prefer to stay away from "track"-y stuff, being drawn more towards song oriented peices. I like melody, or at least some kind of harmonic movement going on. I don't like to get...
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    I just got a reall cool rekkid FedEx'd to me - Daft Punk vs Slum Village -- ??

    Man! Another Si Begg fan! I have recently been tracking down everything of his that I can find. The "We Are Not A Rock Band" and "Freestyle Disco Dancing" 12's, in particular, have not left my case since I got them. Can you recommend anything else along the same lines? Thick bassline-y...
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    question for guys: ever been snowballed?

    I can unreservedly say that Kit Kat is one of the best clubs in Berlin. The club layout itself is *ehhhhh*... but the people are great and the music is consistently top-notch. Not as "bangy" as many of the other Berlin techno clubs, more on a tech-trance tip. Many people actually go for the...
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    Interesting Deck Tricks!?...know any?!

    Okay.... I've only used this trick a couple of times, and it's kind of ... well... *DANGEROUS*... but you can come off looking like the KING OF DJs if you pull it off. One night I was playing at a smaller club and one of the decks was giving me problems with feedback. I had to keep nudging the...
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    overused words

    "hella" ...or maybe I just know too many west-coast Americans! Twix.
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    under-used words

    *RUE* ...as in "You will rue the day you ever bla-di-blahed my hoosenpinger!" Why can you only rue days? What about... "Man, I rue buying this underwear." -or- "Sorry for eating the last oreo. I rue." Also, persnickety should get more exposure. I rue not using it more. Twix.
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    Do you spin techno ? If yes......

    Imagine Prince getting hooked on acid and then deciding to start a career as a techno DJ.... that's my style. I live and work in Berlin now, but I would play for beans if it meant I could play in my home town! You can reach me through my site ... www.countzero.ca ... or email me privately...
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    80's influences fashion and electro-tech

    Just so ya know..... Fischerspooner's live sets are about 95% lip-synched. Still damn entertaining though! Twix.
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    iDance 2001

    Just in case anyone is wondering about that "Uncle Fucker" track that Robert De La G. played... its by a german outfit called Zok Zok -- can't remember the label -- the 12" has 4 songs, each based off a South Park sample. My favorite is the funky "Shit Eating Cockmaster". Anyways, the gimmick...
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    Hey, that is so cool! Tearer and met in Berlin! He stayed at the hostel that I have been working at (I am still in Berlin -- I just check in on the board now and again to cure my homesickness). I am even in one of his pictures! *starts singing* "It´s a small world after all! La dee dee da...