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    Know any Yorkie Breeders in the Toronto Area?

    Welcome back. Can you suggest a reputable insurance company to deal with for puppies? Looking into a yorkie purchase in the next year.
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    Mr. Nice (the dj)

    Did anyone pick him up for a night in Toronto? Nice & Ego AV Promo Mix Nice & Ego - Live 4 Deck AV Showcase on Vimeo Set on SolidSteel Solid Steel Radio Show 19/2/2010 Part 3 + 4 - Mr Nice by Ninja Tune on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I guess Nice and...
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    dubstep = fresh!

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    Something to mark segue points in a track

    Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future - Crave at CNET UK And obscure KitKat reference explained here...
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    Something to mark segue points in a track

    Fawwwwk old ppl are lame answer from some 12 year old kid on youtube. YouTube - After Effects tutorial - converting audio to keyframes - adding effects on top of that Such a fantastic use of SLAP CHOP video.
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    Something to mark segue points in a track

    Audio help Yo. I'm looking for a piece of software that will auto-mark sections of a track automagically. This is for video segue purposes for you production dinks. Concept is to mark an edit point/time automatically so that you know in premiere already where the cut point is. Yes I know I can...
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    Shout Out Out Out at Wrongbar

    Pix from Night 1 Shout Out Out Out Out @ Wrongbar - a set on Flickr Hey sorry for the delay (and quality) on these. That evening we learned that the Blackberry is not a camera. Enjoy.
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    ATTN Poutine lovers - Smoke's Poutinerie

    I'd be interested in seeing your perfect "Poutine/Excessive Eating Mixtape" picks.
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    ATTN Poutine lovers - Smoke's Poutinerie

    12:28pm the itis has full hold. I feel like watching Babar.
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    ATTN Poutine lovers - Smoke's Poutinerie

    LiveBlog of opening - 11:30 few people outside 11:31 owner (I dub thee Poutine Jesus) declares Smokes open Chris inexplicably yells BINGO and wets himself. A crowd falls to their knees prostrate and mumbling. I step over them and place my order 1 Bacon, 1 Montreal, 1 Mamas Free Pop Shoppe...
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    ATTN Poutine lovers - Smoke's Poutinerie

    I went by today and licked the glass until they came out. They do open tomorrow. I have a full physical on Friday and have to skip dinner the night before. I fully intend to devour enough poutine tomorrow that the lab tech can use my bloodwork as a condiment. What's my blood...
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    The Ducks at Roy Thompson Hall

    I will miss. Sneef. See you next year little duckies.
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    The Ducks at Roy Thompson Hall

    sad news
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    DJ Czech - Bubble Dub

    phew. Just lost my copy on a bad drive. Thank jeebus you were still hosting. Everlastin highfive *j*
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    Derrick Carter and lessons the professor taught me @ Footwork

    Who did the Bobby Mcferrin Cosby show theme mix dc dropped around 3ish?
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    Circa Opening

    Can I get a run down of who played? Was there not supposed to be some crazy surprise guest? A.D/D is going to barf an Ice Cream rainbow on Toronto next thursday.
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    Linux Media Center?

    Also give Snapstream a look before you ditch windows completely. I was pretty happy with it, and you should be able to use your existing capture card/s.
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    We'd like to share some good news and celebrate the launch of the new Joost beta - Now For Friends. This means you can now invite as many friends as you want to try out Joost. Last but not least, we invite you to enjoy the variety of new shows we're introducing each week. This week will...
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    If anyone missed the first round I still have hundreds Last round of beta testers just got maxed out again at 999 invites. PM me with your email address. It's the one you'll be using to accept the invite and log in with.
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    Anyone with a new Beta right now has zero invites. It's really not that awesome..heres the sleepy review i sent my friend. So I got an invite to the Beta version of Joost yesterday afternoon. I threw it on my computer. Requirements are nominal 512MB RAM, was a bit interesting. Weird selection of...