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    Numark X5 2-channel 24-bit Digital DJ mixer ($350 obo)

    Pristine. Numark X5 2-channel 24-bit Digital DJ mixer. No wear and tear and only used lightly at home. Bought it strictly as an extra mixer. $350 obo Info: X5 2-Channel 24-Bit Digital DJ Mixer | Numark - Cutting-edge professional DJ equipment "This two-channel, 24-bit, high-resolution...
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    Repair? Tech 12 problem

    Sounds like your having the same skipping problem I was having. Techniques wanted to charge me $350 to replace the tonearm and was just about to bite when the soundguy from Elmocambo showed me this neat little trick... loosen the small silver screw at the top-middle of part # 77 on this...
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    Bumpy House - Sour Grapes - Jackin' yo Shit!

    Killer Set Fellas! Funky flow and some real tight mixes.