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    Ads breaking tribe?

    This has been happening to me but on a bunch of sites including Tribe and BBC News. Always the same ad for the jewellery store.
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    Why is the DVP flooding nearly every time it rains?

    A lot of our infrastructure is not designed for extreme weather events that are becoming more common due to climate change.
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    Hiking in and around Ontario

    All these are pretty close and have parts of the Bruce Trail running through them. I take my 4 year old hiking here: Silvercreek Conservation Area/Scottsdale Farm Limehouse Conservation Area Mono Cliff Provincial Park Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve Boyne Valley Provincial Park
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    He must be a Rogers subscriber.
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    So what's so good about Leslieville?

    I go here all the time, I bring my 1 year old daughter with me. The afternoon crowd, which consists of the unemployable and old 80's rockers, entertain her while daddy gets a much needed pint. Beer prices good for the neighbourhood and pizza is good...rest of the menu is less than desirable...
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    How do I get to that soccer field underneath the Don Valley Bloor/Danforth viaduct?

    There are some stairs accessed from Rosedale High School (Southwest of Viaduct)
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    Toronto Sherbourne Commons - An urban designer's wet dream

    It treats stormwater not sewage.
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    St. James Town

    I lived here when I first moved to Toronto. The apartment was on the 20th floor and had mice and cockroaches. Pigeons on the balcony. I couldn't get into my parking one day because somebody was shot in front of it. Saw the body of a lady who fell from her balcony (she was on drugs). The 2...
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    Skate sharpening near college/landsdowne?

    I'd go here since they do a good job...I think I paid $5 last time I went.
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    Definitely a good place if you like ruins. Antigua is also a really cool city (sort of a backpackers hub). Didn't have any issues with crime...but I would probably stay away from the capital. It's probably safer than Mexico these days.
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    We must be neighbours. I get the low down on them from the staff at the salon which shares the same building. Sound like a bunch of wingnuts. Although the people who I see going in look suprisingly normal.
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    There is a cult in Leslieville. "The Centre for Conscious Living" at Queen and Laing.
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    DND, Harper gov't trolling Wikipedia over fighter jets?

    But we were in Afghanistan more than a year before the Iraq War started so how could it be a trade off?
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    Pub suggestions - June 25th

    McVeigh's (Richmond and Church)
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    Topographic Maps

    I get them from the Ministry of Natural Resources: http://themnrstore.mnr.gov.on.ca/english/product_cat.asp?tid=0
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    Malcolm Maclaren RIP

    I remediate old industrial sites for a living. They are full of nasty things like asbestos. I’m sure the in the early punk scene, much like in the early rave scene, people frequented marginal places like abandoned factories and warehouses. His exposure could have came from this since it takes...
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    Guelph this weekend

    I lived in Guelph a while back...the Albion was always my first pick.
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    Flying for the first time

    The airport is crazy busy that early in the morning. I had a US flight a few weeks ago around that time. The line up for U.S. customs was huge. I'd show up 2 hours before to (as others mentioned) avoid fuck ups and to explore (since it's your first time).
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    the olympics haven't even started and an athelete is dead

    no shit...the Star has been showing pics of a lot of dead bodies lately (Haitians and people run over by cars in Toronto)...pretty tasteless if you ask me.
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    Afghan Men Struggle With Sexual Identity, Study Finds

    My friend did a couple of tours in Afghanistan. He claims to have witnessed members of the Afghan national army giving each other head a number of times. I didn't believe him at the time but maybe I do now.