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    my cat keeps biting me...

    Get a Dog !
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    Things To Do in SAN FRANCISCO ?

    Golden Gate Park - Smoke some dope with the Hippies !!! Highlight of my trip to San Fran !!!
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    No Jelo & Deko-Ze @ Pride?

    *shameless plug* we are having a Street Party On St Joseph St for all 3days of Pride. Hatiras - Maryon Rags - Kenny Glasgow - Matt C - Mario J - Sonny T ect ect ect... Oh and 5$ drinks - www.mancandy.com
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    2007 MTV Movie Awardzzzz w/ Sarah Silverman

    I herd Paris Left Early - To many Prison Jokes ?
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    Im so glad I walk the 10min's to work everyday.
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    Men's Fashion Blog

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    Danced for 6hrz Straight - My Whole Body Hurts !! I havnt done that for years !! Do I ever feel satasified thou - Great Party ! Except the *pukes a bit* Bathrooms, not only were thay filthy nasty, But the asians having a circle jerk at the urinals made me use the womans.
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    Ontario woman wins racial-profiling complaint

    A week ago on College St, 2 cops on bikes come flying up to me and start screaming at me ! "why did you run" and BS like that. I serioulsy thought this was a skit for some TV show, and the joke was on me. But it wasnt, and when I started to laugh and backaway from the phyco police. They started...
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    japan's new celebrity: Hard Gay! (a buffet of manliness)

    Someone needs to Fly him over here so we can Enjoy him. Toronto Needs more Hardcore Bondage Asians. lol
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    QUERY: Do you type "www." when surfing websites ?

    www Never - Down with the www !!!
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    recommend a good restaurant for brunch

    Fran's !
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    Exciting pics of tribers doing mundane activities

    I am mildly turned on by this.
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    if you had to choose...

    Lowenbrau - :)
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    Nobody Cares...

    wow atp - thats some basket ! woah
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    Montreal and Berlin nightclubs

    Decision ? Nope - Im Bryce
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    Montreal and Berlin nightclubs

    um.. Toronto has a new club opening in Late June. Its going to be modeled after the clubs in Berlin. Hot Sets is doing the Interior and facades ! so you know its gonna look awesome. I even hear rumours of a Sunday morning tea party.
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

    *tear* 416 Burned me. I still refuse to believe My lil Dorrie has ANY Pitbull in her at all. But i'v learned NEVER to argue with a Tribe member.
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    Free tennis courts downtown

    rob - you play squash ? Im not a tennis playah, but squash is my game - anyone interested in gettin their asses kicked?
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    Bibles in hotel rooms

    something to do your lines off.
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

    Urm - Actually She is an Original English Bulldog, Its what a Bulldog looked like before they mixed Pug with them to make all the other breeds. She is fully papered, not a Pitbull beagle cross. funny thou, You should get your dog facts straight before you start trying to correct people.