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    Just Got Dumped - What do you want to hear?

    the next boyfriend is always better than the last :)
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    Is anyone going?
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    Tattoo Shops in Van

    try twin villian in gastown. if you can, book with bryan. it is located across from the steam clock. good luck!
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    Sean Dimitrie at Lotus July 9th!

    Be there or be square
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    Sean Dimitrie

    @ LOTUS this Saturday June 4th!!!
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    Sean Dimitrie at the lotus April 16th

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    Sean Dimitrie at the lotus April 16th

    To say that Vancouver based Sean "Wunder" Dimitrie is not your average DJ / producer is, to say the least, an understatement. Dimitrie is forever expanding his horizons, spreading his lush & sophisticated sounds throughout the world in many different ways. To the international dance music...
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    DJ Renee Brunette

    Memorial For those who don't know, our friend Renee (also know to most as Dj Renee) passed away last week. Her funeral is on this Wednesday for close friends and family. In celebration of Renee Brunette's life and love, family and friends are invited to come together this Wednesday...
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    DJ Renee Brunette

    I am so sorry for Renee's family and friends. I thought something should be posted here regarding the passing of Renee. Renee's energy was uplifting and magnanimous. She will be greatly missed by so many people. I came across an article on the internet that features quotes Renee made on the...
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    Gryphon @ LOTUS tonight

    DJ Gryphon, from Toronto, is playing at the LOTUS tonight.
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    LaCie electron 19 blue 300$

    or best offer
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    try craigslist.com
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    LaCie electron 19 blue 300$

    will deliver in the toronto area.
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    October 9th at Lotus Sound Lounge

    it was such a great night. sean's set was really funky! tim's vocal set was sooooo smooth. watch for sean in Victoria november 20th. i will keep you posted. sera
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    Track of the week - BBC

    wait your also the one who has never been featured on the BBC. everyone has opinions much like assholes and some peole are bigger assholes then others
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    Track of the week - BBC

    smile, do i detect jealousy??? so much for constructiveness. wait maybe your destructive wash your mouth out with soap
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    Track of the week on the BBC

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/dance/ listen and post what you think! very cool! from a Canadian producer!
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    Track of the week - BBC

    has anyone listened to the track? what do you thimk?????????????????????? feedback people, feedback! HYPE up the release
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    October 9th at Lotus Sound Lounge

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/dance/ check it out! Sean and Tim will be having their record release party October 9th at the Lotus! See you there!!
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    Track of the week - BBC

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/dance/ very cool!