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    tech 12's for sale

    look who it is! hey dave how ya doin buddy! i know this isnt a chat forum but i got to say whats up to long lost friend! give me a shout man PM me
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    tech 12's for sale

    I have a pair of technic 1200mkII's for sale. Both in top shape they are about 2.5 years old and come with a pair of ortofon dj series needles with lots of stylus left. Also both dust covers. looking for $1050 I also have a DJM600 forsale only 2 years old only used for the 1st year the second...
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    well laura made me post too so here I go. for me it was a pretty different experience all togehter the ppl, the music, and the venue. it was my first time ever venturing to a club like night and i must say it was quite enjoyable.I now a have a knacking for techno music especially the kind marco...