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    new order = toast ?

    Agreed. Favorite tracks are People on the High Line & Unlearn This Hatred.
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    new order = toast ?

    VERY excited for this!
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    Survivor 30: World's Apart AKA Class Warfare

    Joaquin is beautiful :)
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    TTC fares go up March 1 2015

    Raises hand.. Me me me!!!
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    Serial podcast

    Just started the first episode yesterday. Pretty gripping so far. Anything on This American Life is pretty decent.
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    Best New Music, 2014 edition

    Great choice! Sonic Highways - Foo Fighters
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    anxiety attacks.

    I bought the Calm Magnesium powder in raspberry lemon and took it for the first time last night. All I can say is WOW! What a difference after just one dose! I am going to keep up with it as it works great. Guess I must have been rather magnesium deficient, as I looked up the symptoms today...
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    anxiety attacks.

    I forgot to add that I haven't had a sip of alcohol or done any type of drugs in many years, so that is not a trigger for me.
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    anxiety attacks.

    Thank you everyone for your input, it helps a lot! My day was better today, as some of the brain fog went away and I was focusing on my breathing all day. JamesM, I am very active, and yoga is taxing... Not easy whatsoever! I am going to try Calm tomorrow, and make it a part of my daily...
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    anxiety attacks.

    Just the fact that it has been exactly a year since my last attack, and I do think I was obsessing over it a little bit. I also play softball and tennis, and they help.
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    anxiety attacks.

    So, after suffering some anxiety at exactly this time last year, it has reared its ugly head again. I did CBT last year and i found it to be very helpful. I went for maybe 8 sessions, as the anxiety wasn't debilitating. Fast forward one year, and its happening again... I wonder if sub...
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    The I don't want babies thread

    I have never felt a need to have kids. I told my mom at 13 to not expect any grandchildren from me. She always told me I would change my mind.... I did not and I am 43.
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    RIP Joan Rivers

    Saw her stand up show 10 years ago.... Funny as hell with such a quick, sharpe wit. RIP Joan, you will be truly missed.
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    For the ol' school Skaters...RIP Jay Adams

    My favorite Z-boy :( There have been a few that have passed on... Bob Biniak, Shogo Kubo and Chris Cahill.
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    Interesting and strange downtowns...

    Downtown Guelph is also beautiful, but sketchy as hell. Homeless and addicts everywhere!!!
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    RIP...Robin Williams

    The worst news... It's really sad that he was able to make so many people laugh, and yet he had so many issues of despair and sadness in his own life. RIP Sir, you really were one of the finest!
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    The I don't want babies thread

    I am with you. I am 42, and not once during my life have I even considered wanting a child. However, I really like kids and am very natural with them, so it's a shock when I tell people I never wanted. I love my life as it is.... I have 2 nieces and a nephew. I also have 3 god children. Not...
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    A brand new water slide is almost ready!

    I would ride that in a heartbeat!
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    Chiweenies, Labradoodles, and other Frankendogs

    I have a Bassador! Basset Hound Lab x. He came from a high kill shelter in the U.S. He is wonderful :) I would post a pic but have no clue how to.