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  1. K

    Acme Labs - Terra Ferma

    I had such a great time at this party. @m, rosey introduced me to you right before I left, sorry I didn't stick around and chat, but thanks again... so much fun. The person who said this party was chillaxin was right. Never before would I have said it was a good thing to fall asleep at a...
  2. K

    cinematic orchestra

    I really wish I had gone to see this, I am really getting back into Ninja tune stuff recently, but my freakin' summer school exams are getting in the way of my fun. Ah, well there is always Jazzanova and Pocket Dwellers next week, although those ain't free. On a side note I think it is great...
  3. K

    Intimate Productions 2.1: No Strukture

    I really don't know why I have waited so long to go to an intimate event. I knew it would be right up my alley, and although I had really high expectations it didn't dissappoint. I couldn't have been happier with the music. As has been said doublecross and terra, kinetic and nai were all on...
  4. K

    Cherry Beach

    ^^^Yeah I knew that sounded awkward. I didn't mean to complain about not seeing any sketchy people, but merely commented on what I thought was a pretty good crowd. Sorry, for sounding back-asswards.
  5. K

    Cherry Beach

    Wow I thought this party was great, where were the sketchy people though? I didn't see to many that I thought were fukked. Anyway, although the music wasn't to my tastes, the beach was fun, especially hangin' out by the fire. I hope to go to a few more of these, hopefully when it is a little...
  6. K

    How was Big Bud's Chronic?

    Big Bud was O.K. L Double w/ Caddy and Friendlyman was freaken' awesome and they totally schooled Souljah and Demo IMO. I think more fire, is awful, but people seemed to like it. What was even worse was GCP, I really like the track he has on the Armed & Dangerous EP, but he blew, maybe he was...
  7. K

    Destiny 37

    I agree with what most people have already said, Dearborn was good and the rest was okay. Chris
  8. K

    Saturn Technologies 1 Year...

    What a great time. The venue kicked ass, that light on the wall is Godlike. I thought Ian Hind was really good, and although the deck were giving him trouble he really worked the 909. Great seeing so many people I knew, and great to meet Laura (happy b-day) and t-boy again, and always good to...
  9. K

    Sound Clash

    Was that Dominik mcing in the up n comers room, wearing the light blue hat. If it was is there anything this guy can't do? Chris
  10. K

    Sound Clash

    10:30 arrive at party, proceed to get in long ass line 1:00 still in line, guy in front of me pisses against the wall in front of everyone in the middle of a couple hundred people.. 2:00 finally get to the door, and although I have remained calm I suggest to the security that perhaps in the...