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    FS: Iphone 4 / samsung galaxy ace 2

    Hey. It is, send me an email to the above email addy if interested
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    FS: Iphone 4 / samsung galaxy ace 2

    Have 2 phones for sale, 1. gently used iphone 4 16gb locked to fido. Phone is great condition with minor marking from normal use. Asking $175 2. Brand new in box samsung galaxy ace 2. never used, locked to fido. $130 obo, dan[at]tempo416[dot]com if interested
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    LF - PA System to rent for Sat July 9th

    You could try Justin from Alienflux...his system is definitely greater than your needs, but it sounds great and he delivers, sets up and picks up, so definitely convenient. Click this link for the website www.alieninflux.org
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    WTB: Korg Electribe er-1

    if anyone's got one their looking to move hit me up... easier if you email dan[at]tempo416[dot].com thanks Dan
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    The Dub Techno Sound Of Berlin

    Haven't listened to the mix yet, but great collection of classics... Deep lush dubby techno will always have a place in my record bin regardless of what direction future music takes...
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    Any Akai APC20 (or APC40) users?

    Thinking of getting this unit for use in Traktor, want to ask a few questions to someone who knows the machine well and has used it outside of ableton.. tks
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    What happened to event reviews?

    The reviews died...along with the scene...lol..
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    For Sale--Roland 909

    Lol!!! I thought this was a TR - I was gonna say $1000 - good price...anyways, good luck on the sale
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    New Kanada 21: The Mole

    Good album. I personally don't consider the second track minimal house, that bassline is straight up house to my ears, semantics....regardless quality track that I'll definitely play when in the house mood. Adam's label definitely has some gems, I've really been vibing a cut on NK17 by Adam...
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    Full-Motion Wall Mount For 15" – 40" flat-panel TVs

    You can still use on steel studs, just use the appropriate screw/bolt ie. butterfly bolts The box probably only says wood because it only comes with wood screws - there no reason it shouldnt work on metal studs are you in a condo or is your house framed with metal studs?
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    WTB: 8in/8out soundcard either USB or FIREWIRE

    Ive got a digi 001 - but its not usb or firewire - its PCI - good luck d.
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    Looking to Rent: Behringer BCF2000

    BEHRINGER: BCF2000 hit me up if you have one that I can rent for an evening.. easy. d.
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    DJ Iain record/studio gear sale

    LOL.. No bother at all and its your board so do whatever you like.. but c'mon - tell me you didn't expect that reaction....:D
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    DJ Iain record/studio gear sale

    Classic!!! your violating your own policies... BANNED LOL
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    Livid Ohm Midi Controller for sale

    Mint condition under 1 year old. $550 obo - willing to reasonably negotiate or discuss trades + cash. I paid just under $1k 12 months ago. Absolutely solid midi controller, high quality components, none of this plastic bs, real wood and metal. email me at dan at tempo416.com if yur...
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    Question label mix?

    Only 3? I'm suprised, that guy hit record every time he spun a track. He definitely made a ton of Marco only mixes among many other artists.. No idea where to find them these days...
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    Question label mix?

    I think stewart douglas made a bunch of them a long long time ago. Don't know if he is still lurking on these sites. If someone can remember his user name, you could probably run a search. But the liklelyhood of the mix still being online is probably small... good luck
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    Siteholder UnCut LTD (SHUCLTD005)

    sigh.. Well said task.. lets be real, its not like anatone is this big corporate entity trying to make a buck of tribe without paying Alex et al, nor is he spamming to the point of annoyance. He's one of us. He's a supportive, contributing member of our community who happened to be...
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    awesome downtown condo for sale!

    I think Kyfe is actually asking if the condo is a co-op which is different than a normal purchase where you purchase your unit. A co-op you purchase a share in the entire building, but get private use of one of the suites. Co-ops are much harder to find financing for, from what I understand :D