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  1. J

    Electoral Fraud in the US?

    I cant believe Bush hasnt got impeached yet, If bush was a democrat he would have been gone a long time ago because of his numerous lies. But that is america, The Republicans have all the money thus they get what they want (4 yrs ago it was an election)
  2. J

    new dj dan track listing:

    Dan is by far one of the best DJ's in the world and his mixed CD's are always terrific how can you not like a guy that plays Olav Basoski and Antonie Clamaran
  3. J

    Albums you listen to from start to finish

    Green Day - American Idiot DJ Dan - Anything mixed by him Alkaline Trio
  4. J

    Dear DJ Dan...

    my dj dan story Well when he played here in Winnipeg some 15months ago I brought a copy of That Zipper Track for him to sign. Before his set I had asked him if he could drop the track during his set. At that time he told me that he didn't have it . . . so a little degected I went on my way. Dan...
  5. J

    who's your favorite DJ.

    u,,,,,, DJ Dan Olav Basoski Josh The Funky 1 Jason aka DJ J.E.S. http://djjes.cjb.net
  6. J


    hahaah it's kinda funny i was like one of the only winnipegers that posted in this forum and now I live in Ottawa
  7. J

    Olav's MOS June 2002 Exclusive Mix!

    Not that I don't believe you but Olav Basoski hasn't been taking bookings for quite sometime , in fact he cancelled some of his bookings so he could focus on producing! But yeah other than that . . . His set fucking kicks ass!!! Olav is that motha fucking shit :) Jason...
  8. J

    john kelley?

    Oh, I forgot to bash UK John Kelly....but his music does that by itself. [/B] TRUE DAT
  9. J

    Does anyone have Jason "Jetsfan" email addy?

    hey sunrizeproductions@mail.com Sorry about the re construction of the site , web developer is being a bit slow :P Jason aka DJ J.E.S. http://djjes.cjb.net http://sunrizeproductions.cjb.net
  10. J

    Your favorite 'big DJ.'

    DJ Dan
  11. J

    Wed's on www.blizzardradio.com

    Every Wed from 7pm - 9pm CST (8pm - 10pm EST) Dizz & Khemlab Present Trancendence on www.blizzardradio.com Featuring the best in Trance , UK Hard House , House , Breaks , Techno (minus the acid) and Jungle!!!! Lineup: July 24 2002 - Lineup TBC July 31 2002 - DJ J.E.S...
  12. J

    the new -hot house tracks - recently purchased

    Cold Phused II - Angel Alanis featuring Nelson Perez Remix Topless EP - 2 Guys With Tits Samplitude 11 - Olav Basoski
  13. J

    Some rules for Dj's?

    Last time DJ Dan played here in Winnipeg , he layered a Missy Elliot house remix throughout his set . . . made the place go off the hook Jason
  14. J

    john kelley?

    Just add and e in between the the l and the y then you are spelling his name right :)
  15. J

    john kelley?

    Well John Kelley switched over to playing US Hard House as featured in his HighDesertSoundSystem mix for Moonshine . . . I was lucky enough to see him lay down a killer set here Winnipeg back in 1999 :) But either way , regardless if he plays breaks or US hard house , the boy can mix...
  16. J

    the most emotional song you've ever heard

    Well i don't know about tears but the track that grips me the most and brings back memories is THE REAL JAZZ - THOMAS KROME Jason
  17. J

    Tracks that U want but can't seem to find anywhere

  18. J

    Help to identify a couple tracks.

    If anyone can help me identify either or both of these tracks - I will love you forever!! Both tracks were on a Miguel Migs live set - no tracklisting unfortunately. But here goes. Track #1 (sounds like Lisa Shaw, and I fear that it might be her doing vocals over the track .. but just...
  19. J


    Go here http://www.olavbasoski.nl for the sound that I am refering to when I say filtered :P Jason http://www.geocities.com/sunrizeproductions/
  20. J

    Whatever happened to ...

    I think he is busy pimping ho's and smoking some crack cause coolio is livin in a gangsters paradise ;) Jason http://www.geocities.com/sunrizeproductions/ Winnipeg Manitoba