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    [2009-2010] NBA/Raptors Thread

    I've never seen Bargnani worse than how he's been playing. He's playing with almost no confidence on the block. He floats around on offence hoping to get the ball at the three point line so he can shoot or pass. He's not fully committing on defence and generally seems lost. Plus, doesn't Bargs...
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    RIP My Dad

    Sounds like your old man lived a great full life. Oddly, I'm happy for that. But I'm very sad for your loss. I too hope to pass away "peacefully by the sea". Rise.
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    need help re: vancouver islands and spas - who knows stuff?

    Went to this place called The Arie on my honeymoon. It was all awesome, all the time. Do not miss the wine tasting dinner.
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    Recommend a Modem & Router

    Dlink DIR-655 is a solid, fast router. I've had mine for about a year and I've only had to reset it once. Near flawless.
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    Omg,omg,omg! Omg!!! OMG!!!!!!!

    THE SSD article.
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    Where have you been? This has been Bosh's biggest weakness for years. There have been a spell of games where he makes his move right away, but then he goes back to these old habits. That's when you'll hear me say "no! no! the black hole is back!".
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    You're right about the bench. I like the energy and toughness of the players, but we're still missing that #1 guy and without that guy this team is worse than now. I'm still not sure how high Bargs potential is. If he can be the franchise (I doubt it), or if he can even come close, then this...
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    What player? I think we'll have that cash anyway. We don't need to literally tank the franchise to try to acquire another Bosh-type player when we already have a 'all-star-not-quite-great' guy named Bosh.
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    Yeah, I was going to point out that scenario was improbable, but I forgot. Even still, at least in any close game Jose can give it to Bosh and think to himself "he's our all star, best player and he should have the ball." If we made the trade with GS, Jose will be thinking "How am I going to...
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    Basically Ford's reasons for this trade are: a) The Raptors will have a more international flavour and b) The Warriors are going to get a rare chance at an all star big man. Taking this trade is a big step back for the Raps. Picture this: It's late in the fourth quarter against the 76ers with...
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    NBA 08/09 Thread

    I think this is going to happen next year.
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    Best Multi-Purpose Headphones

    +1 for the Sonys. So comfy and a really nice sound. Not too peaky, but not the flattest response you can get either. I think.
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    eSATA vs. SATA

    When you figure it out let us know plz.
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    Soundtrack to the end of the world

    Oh of course anything Chad Vangaalen will do. "You can take my body, put it in a boat light it on fire, send it out to see" in the nicest way possible.
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    Soundtrack to the end of the world

    You all are so dreary. End of the world, I'm trying to feel nice. I think I'm checking some Otis Redding. Definitely some old-time Gospel. Although, I think the punk vibe might be the right thing. I do like a lot of those selections though in those mixes. Almost any old Springsteen tune...
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    Soundtrack to the end of the world

    What would you play? http://soundtracktotheendoftheworld.blogspot.com/
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    Obama Inauguration

    The ants come marching two by two hurrah hurrah
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    ~*...the atheist bus campaign...*~

    Lol at the tags. I'll probably find my name in a lot of those threads.
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    ~*...the atheist bus campaign...*~

    On the TTC? I don't remember that. Got any examples?
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    ~*...the atheist bus campaign...*~

    I wonder if the TTC will allow "Jesus is Lord, repent or perish"? edit: oh sorry, it should say "Probably, Jesus is Lord; repent or perish." That way it makes no truth claim. ;)