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    Deadbeat at Salems Loft!!

    i almost got swallowed by a couch after too much dinner and a rather weed heavy shisha pipe and balderdash session, but thankfully came to just in time to make it and almost not get in cause of no more tickets and so on. deadbeat's dubby-ness was loud, bassy and fitting given my stoned self...
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    Pride - Sunday - OMG - wheeeeee

    maybe this will help shed some light on the zanta legend... personally i think he's kind of hilarious, but some friends of mine have said they found him scary... who knows... a full on documentary on ZANTA! http://www.robotomedia.com/zanta/
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    what i'm listening to lately... anil chowla's june promo mix. housier than what i've been into for a while... but hot damn it's got that vibe all the way through... i'm really diggin' it and it's pace and stuff... silky smooth and soulful but just techy enough to keep me well into it and...
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    What is it about Techno that makes you Love it so much?

    abstract. i love techno because it is essentially abstract. i dig abstract forms of art because they're generally the most open to interpretation... they allow you to fill in the blanks with personal experience, throught, reflection... whatever. pop music can be nice... but sometimes i...
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    longwinded... and from my blog heh it came together. a month of planning and putting it together. an idea, a concept, a design, getting a couple of our fave local dj's on board, designing stuff, making stuff, flyers printed, learning to make a website, building a website heh, location set...
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    getting sucker punched at a hippy party

    the real sucker punch was getting pulled into someone else's drama... it's nice to be kind and help someone out, but chances are it was a bad situation well before it involved you sadly. sorry to hear that happened to you. hope you're ok and the woman in question gets out of that...
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    Jamie Kidd - *INFRA DIGGER* - Miniml/Elctro.Tech

    nice nice nice! :-)
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    Jeff Milligan @ Tempo

    a lift... if there was ever a night in my life when i thought i should NOT have gone out cause my head was a mess, my body tired and it just seemed like i couldn'd form a coherent sentence or crack a smile... it was last night. but i was lifted! first time i've been to a tempo event...
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    Tiga @ Mod Club - May 5, 2006

    think it was 'helikopter' off of 'sheet one', but it sounded like there was some 'spastik' in there too heh heh... whatever it was... it KILLED :-).
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    Tiga @ Mod Club - May 5, 2006

    funnnnnn.... ! must say i was pleased! a good crowd, nice decor and visuals... great sound! walked in to mstrkrft taking the decks and rocking it proper and much the same from tiga... nice chunks of proper techno throughout as well (that mix of 'hot in herre' with plastikman...sick!)...
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    i thought mr. lig was killer! some amazing melodic techno and atmospheric tracks... that just took me away altogether... man, hard for a fat bastard like myself to find dancing room on that rather packed dancefloor, but happily, i found a good spot in front of a giant fan and there i spent...
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    Laurent Garnier Forever

    tear the t-shirts apart.
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    Stacey Pullen, Aril Brikha - BlackMarket@Wallace

    nice sound! to be honest... i was pretty wiped out and settled in for a night in front of the telly, when my girl called me up and said 'hey we're going to a warehouse party!'. given that hearing this from her (more or less the last person who'd go to a warehouse party!), pretty much made me...
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    Speedy J

    well well... always fun reading these reviews! being one of these 'crackhead ravers from 1995' i'm more selective about the parties i go to now and was definitely glad i went on Friday night... definitely! got to the club at 10.30 and got the usual attitude from the guv's ludicrious goon...
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    You've got to be fuckin' kidding me!!!

    take a whiff... i could smell the cologne coming off my screen the second i opened up this webpage. my eyes are watering. i think the smoke alarm just went off. wow.
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    Richie Hawtin: DE9 2005

    i think the fact that everyone here is talking about him so much is a testament to the impact of the sound, art and image he's created. i've heard transitions, and i like it. i don't think it's what i'd want in a club at 3am when i want to dance my ass off... but its certainly good music...
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    Salem's Loft Halloween

    phew. what a crazy day. on top of MOVING that morning (which entailed staying up for about 2 straight days packing... ugh records)... i was so completely wiped out by about 9pm i started to worry i'd fall asleep in a corner somewhere! anyway... got there with andrew at about 9.45pm... a...
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    acid/electro/techno - eating angry fish mix - sanjay

    download link: http://www.sanjayland.com/mp3files/eatingangryfish-compiled-by-sanjay.mp3 i appreciate feedback, so by all means... tell me if it goes... or if it blows... cheers tracks: felix da housecat - control plastikman - elektrostatik lorber/sikora - spawn alien - new...
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    Richie Hawtin: DE9 2005

    memories of hawtin.. i guess around '94 i was at school in windsor when this wackjob prof i had (tim dugdale i think was his name) handed me a cassette tape, that someone, likely richie had handed him a few days before. it was an advance of 'sheet one' and when i heard it i though 'where's...
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    some 'techno' remix of the beastie boys 'brass monkey' which is actually quite good... at least i think so anyway heh.