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  1. K

    what happened to jungle/dnb?

    dj mixed with subrock is called djsubrock or djsuck for short :P
  2. K

    greatest mc's that rocked a mic

    Caddy Cad
  3. K

    Girl pukes while pushing the button for Above & Beyond

    That is definitely going Above & Beyond lol
  4. K

    A Prostitute, A Lesbian, and a couple of striaght guys walk into a bar

    Stick a finger in his pretty little bumm and maybe he will change his mind. ps. Thanks for the oj
  5. K

    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Nice picture to begin with and the story makes it an awesome picture!! She has such a big smile looking right into the flash.
  6. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    LOL, what the fuck you on about bro?!?
  7. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    Yeah, cuz there last fight was horrible too:rolleyes:
  8. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    Hope this fight happens. Would probably be the only time I would cheer for Sonnen. Trash talk would be epic. Should make these two the TUF 14 coaches lol.
  9. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    They have increased the ticket limit to 8 for the toronto card. Guessing it is due to the increased number of tickets that will available.
  10. K

    DJ Ghaleon - Reunited Aftermath - 91-93 hardcore

    Tracklist looks irie!!
  11. K

    FS: CD Collection

    more stuff Forgot to add this in the orginal post. Buy the whole lot and we have 28 cover cd's from magazine like Mixmag, Wax, Music & Knowldge we will throw in.
  12. K

    FS: CD Collection

    Hey, looking to sell what is left of mine and my girlfriends CD collection. CD's are in various condition, but all play in our home cd player and our car stereo. Would like to move the lot for $100, but we are open to selling in lots as the genres are all over the place. Located in...
  13. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    Most of Chuck's opponents have been top guys and most were top 10 when he fought them.
  14. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    Sotiropoulos vs Pellegrino is @116 in Vegas. I fucking wish it was on the Montreal card. Roy Nelson vs Kongo is also rumored to be on the 116 card, if its true, should be a real test for the big belly hick.
  15. K

    Blue Jays/MLB Thread 2010

    Totally agree!! Frasor has been worse than bad. Like send him to triple A bad.
  16. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    No need to get all bent out of shape. Pretty much everything he said is true. Cung Le is an over hyped poster boy and he got exposed by a guy who was a UFC gatekeeper at best. Le biggest win was against an over the hill Shamrock and his other victories were against guys who were not even good...
  17. K

    Blue Jays/MLB Thread 2010

    Romero was on fire tonight. Leave to Alex fucking Rios to ruin the no hitter. Just one more reason for Jays fans to hate him:p Gregg was lights out in the ninth, hopefully they stick with him as Frasor has looked like crap so far.
  18. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    Definitely agree with you on Irvin, but apparently that elbow broke Vera's cheekbone in 3 diff places so I can understand him turning away.
  19. K

    FS Leafs vs Sens tickets, Sat Feb 6, below face

    are these still available?!?