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    ***REWARD*** to catch the assholes that robbed NUMB

    *shakes fist* you caught me. NEXT TIME GADGET!
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    ***REWARD*** to catch the assholes that robbed NUMB

    The pot is up to $700. I wanna throw another hundred in to catch these pricks. The NUMB crew have always supported me and I hope that these 2 little fucks get caught. Love and respect to the NUMB crew and I hope that this guy has to face Amber's wrath.
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    Bluenotes sale

    If you like anythign from Bluenotes, this Sunday there is a friends and family sale going on. 6-10pm on November 24th, save 20% off all promotions in the store. Just thought I would tell all the Tribe folk about it if any of you want to do some cheap Christmas shopping for anyone who likes...
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    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A Select Start

    You hit select, start if its a 2 player game. Just start if its a one player. That was the second nintendo game I ever owned. It was the best thing ever.
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    ravin up ATM's H20

    Well, I had a great fucking time all night! The only thing that sucked about the party was the security. Its great when they try and kick you out for filling your water bottle. I got into a shouting match with one of them. Other then that....the production was wikkid....had a great...
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    Phlux Prod - New Life Energy (Buffalo)

    I had a hell of a lot of fun at that party..... Wow...was it jsut me or was this the description of every Toronto kid there... *munch munch munch* or was it just me Overall the music kicked ass and at about 1 I was finally able to dance and run around. I will definately be coming back...
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    You know what.... Half of what is said is truth and half is bullshit. I don't have time to sort out what is what. Sorry to the people we dissapointed, and yes, its ALL my fault. One thing I just wanted to clear up, the venue was double booked WITHOUT our knowledge. We got there and we were...
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    About the comment on the hip-hop party, we didn't want any of them in our party because before their doors had even opened there were 2 fights. So guess what....we arent narrow minded, we were calling the shots as we saw fit. When they did open the doors to the hip-hop room, kids were being...
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    Hey everyone. This is sort of a statement from both Kellan and myself. After last nights events, we feel we have a lot of explaining to do as to what exactly happened. First of all – I would like to thank all the DJs who came out and supported us through the tough night. I have never before...