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    TOSCA anyone?

    yeah i think this will be in order.
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    Box of kittens on a Sunday

    going to the next one :)
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    Robert Ouimet at the Piston

    wow i wish i caught this one
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    It must be addressed - no one went to Floating Points?

    yeah would love to know what kind of stuff he played
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    LTJ Bukem at Wreckroom

    were they running the smoke machine again?
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    Sounds in Motion

    Yes it was fun, with some mellow moments that went well with being by the lake. I got there at the end of Stefny's set which was a favourite of many people that i spoke to. Deepchord sort of put everyone to sleep since he's more of a 3am sound. Then Hodges woke the crowd up big time. This is...
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    Is there some kind of calendar app or plugin I can stick in a wordpress site?

    i use google calendar on my site. it's not the ideal widget but updating it is so easy. i use to do it in the cms but i found it clogged up the posts area.
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    Sadar Bahar at Kitch

    loved this one a lot! the music was so soulful. i also enjoyed seeing great people too. finally the best part was being able to get a grilled cheese on the dancefloor just before close. this is becoming one of my favourite bars.
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    [DISCLOSURE] rocked the house

    good thing mr. tunes was denied entry! wish i saw them but i also enjoyed waking up early the following day. they have great studio technique. really respect what they're doing. hope to get in next time
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    Mansion throw the best parties these days

    great to hear that it went off, like i knew it would. i stayed in bloorcourt and held down the fort. this area is so much fun now (not that it ever had a problem to begin with, but not really a nightlife area). i dont know if i really need to be a part of the larger music scene any more. but if...
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    Make your own unicorn costume

    you're going to need some unicorn poop to go with that. Unicorn Poop!
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    Jimpster - wrongbar edition

    yep i agree it can be quite trancey. i never thought of myself as a fan of progressive house, but i'm realizing there might be bits and bobs for me there.
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    Jimpster - wrongbar edition

    i believe this was his fourth time in toronto and the third time i've seen him. this set was a good opportunity to see him a bit more up-close, and i noticed some things that i hadn't at places like Footwork or the Great Hall in the past. i will go out on a limb here and say that jimpster is...
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    Nuit Blanche

    the bike was a good call, but also made it too easy for me to keep riding and not really see anything from 8pm to 11pm. as my cold and sore throat progressed, and a little lineup outside wrongbar for John Talabot, I decided to ride home by midnight. i'm taking donations for a new set of bibs...
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    Jimmy Edgar at Twist Gallery

    always great to see jimmy edgar(4th time!). i felt bad about missing XI, and i paid the price for it with a lineup in the rain. the acoustics were really awful in there, i remember jimmy sounded much better when his music got quieter for a bit. Actress is growing on me a bit since the last...
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    Visions II: Jimmy Edgar Live Set

    I would be very impressed if that show was Fanfare Ciocarlia :)
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    Visions II: Jimmy Edgar Live Set

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    ISAM 2.0 at Guvernment

    but isn't it a seated venue?
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    ISAM 2.0 at Guvernment

    i agree it would be better seated, like how the upcoming squarepusher show will be. as for the bass - this reminds me - i was really thankful i remembered my nice earplugs last night. i could feel the bass trying to creep around them.
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    ISAM 2.0 at Guvernment

    how quickly i forgot the main difference between the two shows: he was in a frickin' space suit (sans helmet)!