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    Archived Too Much For Much

    yeah I'm also looking for the link to this.
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    Final PPP Definition

    This is the final, revised definition of the Party People Project: The Party People Project is a youth- empowered organization formed in response to the police, government, and media targeting of rave and youth culture. Through mobilization and activism, the PPP celebrates electronic music...
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    flyers for Om booth!

    I will help distribute flyers or help out at the booth at OM...
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    Steering Committee Meeting (may 30)

    yeah... I know how to spell "scheduled"
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    Steering Committee Meeting (may 30)

    I will be attending the Steering Committee Meeting with Emil this evening... (the meeting is sheduled for the same time as the Media Meeting) and aside from informing them of our group's progress... is there anything else anyone would like us to bring up?