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    Poetry on a friday night.

    your poem... i like it...it's very lyrical> and an edgy deepness....does that make sense? anyhooo, good poem ;)
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    Donald Glaude and JELO!!!!!

    Saturday nite.... I had a fantastic time! thanks to everyone that came out to support- i know there were a lot of you, and you made the night come alive... along with some killer sets by Evil P-my boy who is rippin' shit up lately! JELO, & Donald Glaude.. with all of the cynicism that goes...
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    Josh Wink - Bang 3 Year

    Guestlist..... If Tribe people are looking for Reduced guestlist, you can email me at ecblack@rogers.com or PM me here..... It's gonna be SICK> I will most definatley be dancin' on the speakers ;) cheers, Beth.
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    WOW, you & stargurl* just made me feel so much better about my own messy life at the moment- I'm a fourth yr. English major @ UofT- the school and program i have always chosen to be in, but during the past semester it felt like such a pointless endeavour. WOW, i think this has been a bit to...
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    Are you Hip Hop?

    not anymore. it just feels so empty without me -;)
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    Promsie reviews?

    i just fell off my chair ;) good ol' tribe @ 7am
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    Hot older gay men and hot younger gay guys?

    just to throw a wrench in this tire... and maybe spark some debate of real interest, My boyfriend just turned 49 and i am 22. We have been together for 3 years and 2 months and are still pretty mad for each other- definatley best friends, workmates & roomates for the past 2 years. My man...
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    New Missy Eliot track.

    i freakin* LOVE it- it makes me want to fuck sombody hard, and @ the same time throw on my phant pants and spin aroun on some cardboard, and also like taking over the world. And Missie looks hot- i love it. ALL this 1 too, bigup girlies! Girls, girls, get that cash If its 9 to 5 or...
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    did bars actually serve for an extra hour last night?

    Yes, we did it at System Soundbar, and NO it is not illegal- if you noticed the yearlong crackdown on Proper liquor procedure, many of us have been busted (and punished) for such minor, pointless, and even out-dated "violations" - Simply for working at their job the best way they know how...
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    terry "fatboy" francis

    two more days!!!!! The countdown begins...... It's almost time for this WICKED party! I've got a feelin' there is gonna be some mad wigglin' goin on ;) I can't wait to hear Terry play at a Toronto club- I have yet to listen to him in the flesh and i've heard it is an awesome experience-...
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    Toronto International Film Festival

    ME-ow...........nice picture, girl! I am dying to see 8-Mile- I don't know why, but i am fascinated with the idea of a movie about Eminem's life starring him- pop stars who try to act are always amusing to watch in their films- they are usually terrible (Mariah Carey, Elvis) or suprisingly...
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    snug? geek boutique?

    i must agree with geek boutique pants and the amazing way they sit on my ass. I loved so many things by SNUG, but the one & only piece i ever found that actually fit my curves properly were the dark denim girly overalls- which i adore and make me feel xtra saucy everytime i wear them.....but...
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    Is this bad?

    The same thing was happening to me in the winter for about 3 months, a few mornings every week (on weekdays). I have a close friend who is an ER nurse, and she told me that it was caused by a combination of things.... Stress- The worst culprit- it causes xtra stomache acid, and if you go to...
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    Wednesday June 19th - Charles Feelgood & Vench @ Tonic

    I will be there for sure, can't wait to see Vench on the decks instead of the mic!
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    System guestlist cards

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    I was also on this boat and I had an amazing tme ;) Thankyou to Chow & Andrew for the much-needed feildtrip, it was one of the best boat cruises i have ever attended- i love the thug boat... Beth.
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    Donald Glaude @ Tonic

    I hear what you are saying CC, TO has way to much underrated talent, but most weeks @ FTWK, our focus is on our local hero's-> those are the nights you can come down and show your support, no? ;) check the upcoming events forum for updates. Beth.
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    Donald Glaude @ Tonic

    Ahhh, sweet negativity ;) The cover for the night, as listed on the flier was $15 B4 11:30 and $18 after. About 30-40 people paid the actual cover before we recieved word from DG thathe wouldn't make it. This is a rare occurance, and also a difficult situation to deal with- If you read...
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    System guestlist cards

    Re: Re: All those cards.... Yes, there are several cameras located inside & outside the club. These types of cameras are used to protect the safety of the people inside, the club staff and patrons. Most nightclubs in the city are equipped with these cameras- the amount needed is determined...
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    Loose women

    I say go for it ;) If you enjoy yourself, go for it often- And if you don't, at least you learned more about yourself, has some exitement in your life, and expanded your horizons. Like CC said, you're young, and that's what this time is for: trying everything to see what you like..... And...