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    Ektoplazm & Afterglow: Midnight Sun

    Midnight Sun GREAT PARTY! I had a *really* good time despite being totally exhausted. Good venue, nice deco, satori vs. subsonic were faaaaaaaaantastic. Good job ra and scott :D
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    i was taking a bunch of pix with Jinno and Jigas camera so I guess once we get a chance to dump them we can. I know ash was taking pictures so i hope he'll put them up. i also took some video so hopefully we can put some clips on the website...
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    airbag: Panacea did about an hour and a half of his own stuff and then did a dj set for a while after that :)
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    The best party or event of 2002...

    "it costs a fortune so it must be real..." obviously i'm with graver on this one but in reply to gunark - the one thing I can point out about psy parties in particular is that they are almost always 19+ which means no k-holed kids chewing their faces and whining about not being able to get...
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    Mutek and Convergence were going on at the same time in the same area which explains all the goths and activity :)
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    Resistors presents NEUROMOTOR

    they weren't psy parties... :)
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    Resistors presents NEUROMOTOR

    they were only $20 at the door until midnight.
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    Analog Pussy???

    Part of the experiment of holding a R351570R at system was to see if the regular club crowd could get into it. :)
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    Analog Pussy???

    yay I'm the blue haired girl!! :D Just so everyone knows the girls in white were models for plastik wrap a local design couple who make some awesome stuff (and cybery mens clothes too!). They sell in 3 stores locally (py labs, odessey and somewhere else, i forget) and their website is...
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    ASTRAL PROJECTION @ kingston

    (somewhat on topic, I would say the other half of your crowd were at the party in Toronto which caused a date collide as this party popped up out of no where. meh i say. )
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    noooo problem... thanks you :)
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    since graver can post the same thing here as he did on TR maybe I will too! nah, i wont. i have more style than that ;) Thanks to everyone who came out, the night was fantastic as always! Thank you arch_angelXXX for painting us some AMAZING tapestries (she may take comissions starting at...
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    unfortunately there is only so much time in a night and to get eeryone in we have to try and make sets as even as possible. originally we had longer sets for this event but 2 last minute djs wanted to spin early (phamakon and SENIX from paris,fr) so shorter sets it was. thanks to everyone who...
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    JANE'S fucking ADDICTION!!!!!!!

    im not a HUGE fan of janes addiction but i've always loved perry ferrel in whatever his incarnations. iwas in acorporate box so i had great sight lines but the vibe was non existant(no crowd no vibe) so from my perspective the show was mediocre. the stage show ws fantastic, the layout and the...
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    -=Analog Pussy at R351570R=-

    i remember my password...