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    My cat moved out

    Awww. Losing a pet really, really sucks. I reccoment getting pets microchipped, then they can find them no matter what shelter/animal hospital he or she ends up at. Anyway, start putting up posters and stuff, you wouldn't want someone to think your kitty doesn't have an owner
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    Tribe got slagged on Hullaboard

    how insightful... As for the 'tribe survey' 1. dead ravers? Maybe 2. clubber? sometimes I guess 3. apartment in Chinatown/little Italy? no 4. attends or has attended OCAD? no 5. wears kitchen orange? no 6. gets coked/k'd up at goldclub events? no 7. buys furniture from caban? Ikea...
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    biggest pet peeves ...

    man i was a dishwasher for a while once we hate that slow drivers in the left lane people who tailgate or dont use their signals people who leave cupboards or draws half open when people say they will do someting, then they dont
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    I just got a pool!

    yeah my basement flooded yesterday it really sucked, we have a giant dryer thing drying the carpet now its loud and damn annoying
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    The You Know What *wink* *wink*

    oh crap *kicks herself really hard* why oh why did i not listen to jay and go to this party on sat ? i'm sure it would have been more fun than MY saturday ... even tho the party i was @ was lots of fun (not hulla) it seems that this party was better blah from now on i am listening to jay blah...
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    Vancouver Peeps ! I Need Your Help !

    Ok ... I was thinking about moving out to b.c for a while specifically the vancouver area now ... i need to know things like rent information, info on the city in general information on the cost of food cost of transportation availability of jobs and in what areas any kind of valuable...