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    Pigs Plan RIDE checks in the morning

    Well as I was driving home at 6am and the streets were deader than dead. The only sniff of anything was an unmarked piggymobile driving by when I was 5 minutes from my house. No sign of any piggies downtown at all.
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    bassbin twins

    I thought it was against the law to promote drink prices?
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    I Love Techno 2007

    But all I wanted was a little Un..derworld.
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    Here's a tip when crossing the border

    GO FUCK YOURSELF...can you insert that in every other thread ive read on this shit site today...your all fucking losers!!!
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    I Love Techno 2007

    ohhh no what have they done!!!
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    Satoshi, Morales, Torrance, Romero & Copeland Nov 10th

    Its the same bullshit club with the same weak ass sound.
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    Justice @ Circa

    Who the fuck cares what people are wearing??? You are there to hear good music and party. Get over yourself and your great fashion sense and just lighten up and then maybe you'll actually enjoy yourself.
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    That 1 dj that you want to come to your town?

    Martin Solveig!!!
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    Justice @ Circa

    Tribe has been lame for a while...the thread is the final piece of proof i need. Go listen to your minimal techno and talk about your mortgages you old washed up hacks!
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    I quit my job today.

    Is that endorsed by Tiger Woods?..cause if not I'll take the job. Drink Haterade and be a real hater like me.
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    I quit my job today.

    He was leasing a place...and he made a point of saying he quit his job. Shoot me for thinking this might negatively affect society to have another travelling bum wandering around. Imagine we all up and did that...then what mother fucker? CHAOS!!!Get back in line bitch!
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    I quit my job today.

    Get your ass off of welfare and get a job you hippy bum! You can travel when you retire and actually can afford to do it without burdening society with your debts.
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    What were the House tracks that stood the test off time from the last 10 years

    Im still not exactly sure what this thread is about but 'Pete Heller - Big Love' is the winner. Thanks for playing.
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    This just in... Free Beer Alert.

    He probably observed the break in saw what was taken and how the door was opened and assumed it was kids. I would totally return that laptop if I had it...why bother extorting them when they have already made a good offer?
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    Ladies Halloween costume

    Nice bush
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    Randomland: Rebelution

    So after the madness at Justice I went back for round 2 @ Circa: RANDOMLAND! It was a lot smoother getting in last night and there was no problem with the list hook up. This time I got to check out all the rooms I missed or werent open the night before. The Ball(s)Room was an experience in...
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    Digitalism @ Mod Club

    I liked the stage setup and lighting but I think they went a little heavy on the strobe lights.
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    Just funkin around

    Im sorry but...go fuck yerself!
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    Justice X 2 Tickets

    ok $110 for you
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    Justice and Pedro Winter this thursday

    (9:00 PM doors) this is all I know...from ticketweb