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    RIP Loleatta Holloway

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    RIP Loleatta Holloway

    In honour of the most sampled woman in house music i'd like to start a tab. Please contribute.
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    soho hot music / x-press 2 muzik

    yes, 1993 through to the present is what i'm after - as long as it is used to good effect.
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    soho hot music / x-press 2 muzik

    where can I find more wonderful expressions of this track in a set?
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    plastikman live

    needs more wah wah flare
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    The Video Game News

    Not a fan of FPS - bioshock being the one exception
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    Guess what's in this paper bag!

    kindness wrapped in joy marinated in pleasure filtered through understanding descending from consciousness ascending ecstatically through the voice of plur?
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    and also sexy
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    fuk i'm glad I let that play on the bg window - such a good payoff
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    Fuck you Internet - I'm going dancing

    ooh cowboy
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Borderlands DLC on the 24th, woot! Just about done the main quest on my 1st play-through. I really wish enemies/quests leveled up with you - running quests that are even only 3 levels below you gets a bit boring when everything dies so fast. This game is like crack, probably been putting...
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    all your moon are bomb by U.S.

    keep it fresh
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    shooting feels like a cop out
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    Track ID

    i've grown to love the vocal version. That video doesn't help my claim unfortunately.
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    Hipster Douchebag recommended accessories and decor thread

    hot dang! finally its my time! schaaaawiiiing!~!
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    this has been top bookmarked for about a month now, i still get the shock of my life :D
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    Man...what a disappointment

    that's about the perfect summation, I actually have no real interest in this release. Ya I can't expand any further than your remarks. I still clutch on to my roule/crydamoure - this no further invigorates or deteriorates them in the least. meh
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    Man...what a disappointment

    it's got an armand vibe and a french er touch to it, what's the problem
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    thanks to diablo :)