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    CONGRESS @ Feroshus

    Hmm... does he have a nose ring? If he does, I think we might be talking about the same guy (unless I've got his name wrong). The dude at HMV is always trying to convince me to go to the wednesday nights at Embassy.
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    CONGRESS @ Feroshus

    Hey yo... you wouldn't happen to be referring to a certain Sheldon that works at HMV Market Mall here in Calgary, would you?
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    Upcoming Parties

    Two of my favorite dj's are gonna be here in the near future. Anyone going? Sucks that Danny is playing cowboys, but apparently the Max Graham party involves some kind of 'Cirque du Soleil' type circus deal... now that could be fun. Max Graham Saturday, November 18, 2000 Bourbon Street...
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    Nick Warren/ Sasha in Calgary?

    I heard some serious rumours flying around that these two were going to be in Calgary on seperate dates this fall, but haven't heard anything recently. Does any know whether these parties fell through or if they're still going down? Please, I'll sell my left nut to go to these parties if they're...