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    sometimes logic just doesn't work

    I agree with Deep. The hardest thing to do is to take yourself out of the equation; especially when things start to get heated. IMHO most people feel threatened and/or rejected someone doesn't agree with them; which is wrong. Learning to communicate effectively and express one's self...
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    LOTR - The Two Towers DVD - Tuesday

    All I can say....I love working at Alliance Atlantis Booya!! :D
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    John Digweed @ Lotus

    Will do....(it's Aaron btw) ;)
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    John Digweed @ Lotus

    Awesome Been a while but I just had to give shoutouts to Mr.Steppa and Vinder since it's been a while since I've seen them (Delta Heavy I believe) Good talkin' to you James and look forward to meeting again; I'm sure we will. Here's my review on TrancEaddict.com Well, this is exactly...
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    Beware of the OPP in...

    Thank God I'm not the only one...I thought I was seeing things! :p
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    end of summer

    I went and man it was way too packed :mad: I was totally pissed that The Guvernment has a blatant disreguard for a door policy, and completely ignores Fire regulations. Any monkey would have known it was too packed in there. So, after much searching I've found this...
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    so this guy just called me..

    Hire this guy... ;)
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    buying a new car

    Yea, I got one. Never buy new. New used yes. Let someone else take the hit for the depreciation. Let someone else worry about any potential recalls. Oh sure you could be the first kid on the block with a new shiny car but who you (I don't mean you Kyfe) tryin' to impress? Statis is...
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    FTP SITE - Help Me Out!

    No offence but... At least that's what I did... ;)
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    Do computer prices go up or down for back to school?

    No sure about individual components but they normally have a lot of 'Back to School' specials on whole systems...
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    Vehicular acronyms

    Thatsa ooooooold one, lol! :)
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    Vehicular acronyms

    What's that? "Italian Retards (or Rejects) Out Cruising"? :D
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    Vehicular acronyms

    I like this Volvo motto: "They're boxy, but they're good..." ;)
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    Where are you from?

    1970 : Born in a small Northern hick town of Smithers, British Columbia (near Kitimat and Prince Rupert). 1970-1986 : Lived in mountainous bear/cougar country, Revelstoke, British Columbia. (I was a true forest child :p) 1986-1995: Moved to Barrie, Ontario. Went to Georgian College...
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    The Pope's Prayer

    The "God" references are fine with me (and apparently 800,000 others...). You few atheists can just filter them out. :) But yes, a great message non-the-less. :D
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    Tune ?

    Actually it's not. There's still one that goes around; they've been doing it now for close to 2.5 years? and they have about 35 signatures on it. I asked the guys about it and they gave me a business card that said "Tune Promotions" with the word TUNE! on the back :) Nice guys.
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    i spilled water on my keyboard

    ;) :D
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    Why is Tribe so anti-religion?

    Re: Re: Why is Tribe so anti-religion? Lol! Case and Point! ;)
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    World Youth Day Complaint

    That wasn't my point, but ok. I was actually refering to being touched, period... :p
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    After Life

    What's it about? Got a link?