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    tiga @ mod club

    im going with a group of friends. i never miss tiga. * mod club suited his style of party well last time!
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    daft punk tour 2011-2012??

    another possibility is, since they are DJ's in the movie (playing tunes at some inside-the-computer club) that they would embark on a DJ tour... not playing live, but headlining some ED BANGER parties of epic proportions.
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    daft punk tour 2011-2012??

    id place my bets on the next round of daft shows being nothing like anything they've done in the past. they seem to pride themselves on re-invention, and also seem to believe themselves to be more "artsy" and "daring" than they are given credit for. that being said, they are also incredible...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    bonnie & clyde - serge gainsbourg & brigitte bardot changes - black sabbath (so sad)
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    LCD Soundsystem

    i saw them in montreal once @ the SAT. i didnt even really want to go, as i am not that crazy about their recordings (except maybe SOMEONE GREAT... which i love!). but i went, and it was FAR FAR better than i expected. worth going too... especially if you want to ROCK N ROLL DANCE!!! (as i...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    lots and lots of boney m! i'm born again somewhere in the world (a personal fave)
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    i am all about seeing this... 99% because of my love for DAFT PUNK. i read that the majority of the people at the trailer screenings were daft punk fans, and when question period came, many of the questions were about their involvement in the film. anyway... YES!
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    yeah, i didn't enjoi it.
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    i've been working on a bottle of DE VALCOURT NAPOLEAN PREMIUM FRENCH BRANDY tonight. it was a xmas gift from a client at work. ive never drank brandy before. i cant say i really like it. but it is doing a number on me for sure.
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    Pimp Your Ride: The officious car thread for gear heads

    we're into the last steps of a massive re-haul of a 1993 porsche 930 turbo. we acquired it about 16 months ago when the owner (who had a very large out standing bill with us) passed away and it was transferred into our possession. we figured we would store it and work on it anytime the shop...
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    Coachella Festival 2010

    just my opinion... but that's the worst coachella line up yet. but im not into music like i was anymore, and thus maybe im now one of those old 30-something dudes that arent "getting it". still, coachella line ups used to make me wish heavily to be able to go.
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    The Vitalic after-party

    ive liked vitalic for a while, and have found that any live stuff ive heard from him has been pretty awesome. have wanted to see him for a while now. i didn't even know he was coming until now (when i came across this thread). sorry it didnt work out for everyone.
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    The Joke Thread

    what do you call a priest sleep walking in the vatican? a: a roaming catholic (i know, that one is a groaner... i got it from readers digest)
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    The Joke Thread

    2 guys are talking... the one guy says "do you know what a freudian slip is"? the other guy responds "no" so the first guy explains what they are to him and then proceeds to tell a story about one he recently had. "i was traveling to pittsburgh. the girl working the counter who sold me the...
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    The Joke Thread

    why do women get yeast infections? a: so they can know what it is like to live with an annoying cunt
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    Nobody Cares...

    at work we always get telemarketers calling to offer us shit... build us a new website, manage our gas bills, better phone rates, etc etc.... but today i got the most off-the-wall one ever.... i answer, the guy asks for the manager in charge, i tell him to talk to me, and he asks if i would be...
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    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    this past weekend i began my first attempt at laying hardwood floors. my bro and I are doing alright... lots of beer helps with the monotony. i've learned allot about home renovations, repairs, and so forth in the last 2 years... and Im moving into a new place april 1st, so i cant wait to...
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    Dog Owners Thread

    my brother just got a saint bernard... 2 year old female... 150+lbs. dolly. cute and affectionate... but needy
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    let my love open the door