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    Bill Cosby's Image Gets Raped by his Reputation

    ^^^^It certainly can, happens all the time. Camera's. Get yourself cameras. House cams, dash cams, body spy cams. It's the only way to protect yourself in these shark infested waters.
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    Cocaine & Vice Canada: former editor allegedly up to no good

    You only see intelligent criminals in the movies. In real life criminals are stupid. How dumb do you have to be to think you can get away with smuggling overseas today? They have trained professionals that sit behind mirrored glass or watch on camera who can tell by the way you are walking, your...
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    European terrorism

    No. They just don't have the evidence at the moment to prove it. Hopefully this guy "disappears".
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    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    You've jumped the shark bro. Sorry I can't take you seriously anymore. You want to use gasoline as an example, there is not a pipeline of any sort ever that has not leaked it's product. Period. There is only one lower level (not nuclear, they still haven't stored a single ounce of that...
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    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    That is the STUPIDEST analogy I've ever seen in my entire life. Gas stations don't blow up and wipe out 3 km area's. Nuclear waste is not gasoline. LOL WOW.
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    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    lol. Yes of course it is. So you've signed up to have the waste buried under your backyard right? You realize we are still consuming the nuclear radiation from the atmospheric and underwater bombs they set off back in the day right? Entire towns in the U.S came down with cancer during the...
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    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    Mark Lynas? Is this the same shill for the corporate GMO corporations? Now he's hocking Nuclear power too? hahahhahahahhahahhahhaha Holy mother of jesus just when I thought the internet couldn't provide me with anything more ridiculous than before, here it is again not letting me down...
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    Road Tolls Finally Coming to The Six

    Where is Rob Ford when you need him? Maybe John should raise the tolls on the TCC to start paying for the 2 Billion owed for the hippy transportation.
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    Kanye "I'm the King of Pop Now"

    Kanye know's, Bo know's, this guy don't.
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    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    I was referring more to Trudeau wanting to go along with Free Trade deals. The carbon tax I could really care less about.
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    Kanye "I'm the King of Pop Now"

    What does make sense to you other than exploitation, shirking responsibility, and blaming others for your woes?
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    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    You've hit the nail on the head. I've been paying attention to the undertones on a very wide variety of social media sites for awhile now, and I could have told you Trump was going to win. And in fact these same sentiments ARE being held among Canadians. There will be a rude awakening next...
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    People who have obviously bitchy partners

    Yup and people scoffed when I said I was getting a camera for my room here. Within the next few months I will have a dash cam, a cam in my room, a cam in my garage, and a spy cam on my person. Lock and load baby. Camera's are making people honest. I don't like the loss of privacy, but that is...
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    Democalypse 2016 - The Contenders, the Horse Race - the cynicism and the money

    Pffft, in your dreams. Typical liberal sjw response. Can't take a joke eh? Well it's ok, you are probably the one in the kitchen in your house anyway right berniecakes?
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    Democalypse 2016 - The Contenders, the Horse Race - the cynicism and the money

    lol American's you never cease to amaze me. Lets get this party started!
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    John Tory's latest statement on the TTC positively Fordian LOL

    Omg I just looked at the completion date for the subway extension and a year ago they had pushed it back a year till January 2017, now it is saying December 2017 at the earliest. lol. I drive past the station they are building at Jane and Steeles twice a day for the past two years and guess...
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    Nursing Home Serial Killer

    It's a difficult difficult difficult difficult serial killer today. All the cameras, DNA testing...etc... We really need someone to step up to these challenges and paralyze a few city in fear.
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    The Chinese are Monsters

    The only thing that makes me more giddy with glee than cats eating humans is when one of those Bulls spears a matador through the chest and stomps on him a few times for good measure. Now THAT'S entertainment. Morons.
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    Russian Songs

    I saw the thread title and knew it was you posting. I never liked this song until I saw a girl dancing to it at Solid Gold in Mississauga one time.