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    Couch/sofa bed for sale

    200$ OBO Located in East North York Email for info at : thiscouchAThotmailDOTcom Kijiji Ad Pull out sofa bed love seat - City of Toronto Furniture For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.
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    Can't recycle... Can't compost...

    vermicomposting may help... http://www.toronto.ca/compost/withworm.htm
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    Susur Lee: next Canadian on IRON CHEF

    I hate Bobby Flay, he comes off as an arrogant dickhead (his food looks pretty sweet most of the time tho)...and the fat Italian is worse.... everytime a taster doesn't like their food they get mad....and Batali gets all red faced like he's gonna have a stroke... lol ez there... anyway American...
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    How Evil Are You?

    I got the same ...
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    The "perfect" pizza...

    pizza hut's meat lovers + green olives *drool*
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    Team Insomniac

    back for night 2 ... hopefully not for much longer though...
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    Team Insomniac

    I wish I had the option ...haha and here I am wasting even more time
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    Team Insomniac

    nah just assignments - finals not till the end of the month. Whats your story?
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    Team Insomniac

    Hello tribe anyone up? Me = pulling an all nighter...
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    how often do you 'tune out'

    I try not to keep the company of people I have to regularly tune out...if I find myself tuning out often, I won't be hanging around that person very much or very long at all. Guess I've been lucky with school/work related people that I have to listen to though...most have been cool.... anyway I...
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    Team Insomniac

    damn I'm up early...
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    Know what's even meaner then scaring your kid until he cries?

    LOL I love how he hit the screen ....
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    ~*...even better than sex?...*~

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    Spring Fever Appreciation Thread

    Definitely feeling the fever ...playing hooky - just got back from an awesome hike. Gonna clean up - go shopping and party my heart out tonight hehehe yea yea!
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    My parents always use this ...still haven't figured it out myself. I always order the same thing at Starbucks, grande non-fat cappuccino. Wet, and no sugar. If I'm desperate, a large cup of black, med roast (no flavours, no sugar, no milk) anywhere but Second Crap will do. I can’t take that...
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    Nobody cares...

    I have a cold again :( I think that makes 5 so far this year ...wtf!
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    would you eat this?

    I would probably attempt to eat that - get tired of chewing half way through and just finish the bacon :)
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    alcohol you cant drink....

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    alcohol you cant drink....

    JD - barf-fest Cider - barf-fest, sick till 8pm the day after Southern Comfort - see above All three of these made me see double....and wish I were dead. Strictly vodka, gin and wine for me these days...