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    FS: Active Powered Studio Monitors - Almost new KRK Rokit RP5 $300

    I guess these are KRK RP5 gen 1's? The MSRP for gen 2's is $150, or am I confusing these? I would be interested for $200, I need a pair of powered speakers and that's just my budget.
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    What time does Amnesia open?

    Does anyone know what time the Cream parties at Amnesia start at? I know most clubs open at 2 am in Spain, or at least last time I was there. Has this changed? Would anyone know the dj set times? Thanks
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    ferry at guv?

    It was last saturday, the 11th, and it was a lot of fun.
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    Paul Van Dyk

    Well, PVD's recent show was fun, but that's more of a factor of who i was with, the actual music was not anything to write home about. I am however looking forward to ferry and tall paul at the guv this saturday :)
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    Ferry + Tall Paul @ Guv

    No thread about this yet? Seriously? Have you people been listening to Ferry's new show?
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    Ultra Music Festival Miami

    Armin, Ferry, and SVD all in one night? Sounds good to me.
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    Paul Van Dyk

    Here's what I thought. I'm glad I went, because there were some great moments in the night, and the place really went off.. but for the most part it was an uninspired set, the mixes were shaky, and he played the same slow and boring remix of "for an angel" twice! I had fun dancing, but it...
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    seriously?> I was UNIMPRESSED with this track.
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    david guetta - love is gone i know it's not "trance" but thought i'd put it up here :)
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    super8 and tab - needs to feel (whippenberg remix)
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    cosmic gate - body of conflict (CG club mix)
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    chunk and twist - battery life :)
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    above and beyond - oceanic (sean tyas remix) TUNE!!!
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    THE MIGHTY PAUL VAN DYK LIVE Essential Mix @ Global Gathering (29-07-2007)

    i'm not a huge fan of this mix, but i guess all those people screaming in the background enjoyed it. i'll take a trance around the world set over this thing any day. :)
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    Ferry's 8hr Set Guvt 11 Year?

    i'm not sure what kind of connections to get into the guv the dj at the frog (club in london) would have lol
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    Ferry's 8hr Set Guvt 11 Year?

    Does anyone know of some sort of gueslist? Hookups?
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    Ferry's 8hr Set Guvt 11 Year?

    I second the boycott PVD. I listened to his global gathering set and found it to be mostly shittty speedy trance capped off with that fucking "this is the anthem" track. That track needs to go away, along with PVD. How on earth he made it in front of Armin and Ferry, or even Marco V for that...
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    Tiesto ISOS 6

    listened to this, and it's "ok" but armin's ASOT 2007 and Ferry's Passpot United States of America are far better compilations.