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    Looking for some of my old mixes.

    I've got Excommunication if you need it!
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    Will the next version of windoze have better ram support?

    To further my previous post, 64-bit architecture increases the memory ceiling to approximately 17.2 billion gigabytes. That should give us plenty of wiggle room for years to come.
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    Will the next version of windoze have better ram support?

    You need a 64 bit system in order to truly address large amounts of memory. So, unless you're using a 64 bit version of Windows 7 it won't address more than 4GB of memory. From Wikipedia:
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    Fuck you Mac

    That's retarded.
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    What's a good free password manager?

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    Wireless home theatre (just the rear speakers)

    You could always try IP speakers. http://www.polkaudio.com/homeaudio/products/ip/hidden/lc265i-ip/
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    Viewing tribe on iPod touch or iPhone

    Viewing this post gave me haemorrhoids.
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    Stephen Hawking Accepts Teaching Position In Waterloo

    Is Stephen Hawking really going to be doing and teaching? Cool news.
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    iPod + Phone = iPhone

    New firmware is out. Apple indicates that it has stability fixes related to the call issues some of you have been having.
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    iPod + Phone = iPhone

    Finally the new google mobile app is available. Voice recognition for search. Works surprisingly well. If you have it installed already you'll need to uninstall and reinstall since it's not in the update queue yet.
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    Who Likes Guns?

    I like missiles. Personal faves are: The Molniya R-60 which has unbelievable burn during late stage delivery. The JL-1 which you can grab at a steep discount while in Bangkok. Solid fuel, devastating payload, easy delivery, and stores well. A real Chinese bargain. I have an old LIM-49...
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    cheap usb keys (256megs or less)?

    Physical media is on the way out. That's never going to catch on.
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    cheap usb keys (256megs or less)?

    That'll be the day.
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    cheap usb keys (256megs or less)?

    Give people 2GB keys. They'll be way happier and think your music is better.
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    Dreamweaver help....geeks only!

    try posting your question to www.stackoverflow.com. You might be amazed at how quickly someone gives you an answer.
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    has anyone been affected by the recession?

    I masturbate 33.3% less often.
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    Web Developers (Full Time) Spadina / Adelaide

    Company I work for is hiring. Great work environment. If you're a great developer with kung-gu OO JavaScript skill and ninja CSS capabilities ping me a private message. Projects include high traffic sites with multiple millions of daily uniques.
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    e-comerce site

    Hey gsnuff. I'm getting my first drupal emersion this past few weeks doing work for new clients. My current take on it is that it's great to get a comprehensive CMS / blog property launched with little comp sci. experience. The depth of the module pool makes piecing together functionality...
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    GazoPa is live!

    Same thing built by a local Toronto company. http://www.ideeinc.com/
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    Little tips and tricks for daily comp work

    Make a policy of not using your desktop for anything besides temporary storage. If it's there for longer than a day it belongs elsewhere.