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  1. J

    The OTHER Cherry Beach party

    anyone know how to contact the kid that was MCing towards the end of prine.nebula's set?
  2. J

    The OTHER Cherry Beach party

    so much fun...such a nice group of good people! prine.nebula kicked ass of course the kid mc made my night can't wait for the next one
  3. J

    Nightmare & Email at Palais Royale

    I thought this was an excellent party. Good crowd, met a lot of new people, and saw a lot of people I knew. If the weather hadn't been perfect it would have been a very bad party I think. Watching the sunrise and sunset at a party is definetly a good thing, the patio was perfect. The...
  4. J

    Wintergalactic 2001

    fucking brilliant night ok the bad things were: no metal detectors as promised lining up to check my coat for an hour having pretty much no room lining up to get my coat for an hour things that made the night so excellent: the decor the fruit the masseusse the cool air constantly being put in...
  5. J

    A Groove Oddessey - New Years Eve

    i thought this was a great party....
  6. J

    Nightmare Reviews

    party was good, but the fact that it seemed to be a little overpacked, kind of made this more of a social thing for me anyhow, rather than a dancing thing. i met a lot of people, the chill out tent was way too cold and would ahve been perfect fi there was one heater in there. all in all a...