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    beenawhile: remember that thread about bad roommates?

    I forgot to add how "oldschool" i was b/c of my 'join date' but thanks ;)
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    beenawhile: remember that thread about bad roommates?

    i dont' think it was this one: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?t=90526&page=2&highlight=roommate but a lot of the ideas were recycled. thanks guys!
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    beenawhile: remember that thread about bad roommates?

    i forgot tribe etiquette, i do apologize. (though I'm sure someone who was here 3-4yrs ago would most likely remember it, it was a huge thread) anyways. once upon a time in the land of the Internet there was this website that 9-5 ex ravers posted on like maniacs & slept with each other...
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    beenawhile: remember that thread about bad roommates?

    the search only goes back one year ?
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    beenawhile: remember that thread about bad roommates?

    well if you joined in 2005, and this was 3-4yrs ago... that would explain it, non?
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    beenawhile: remember that thread about bad roommates?

    it MAY have been a coworker. and the insanely good list/suggestions about small, legal things to throw them off their shit or smarten up. most likely 3-4 yrs ago, anyone know where i can get the archived link? hiagain, leigh-anne.
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    shows coming up you should care about

    does anyone have anymore info on why? & subtle the 28th @ lees! and hood in march!
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    Ani Difranco - 04/18/05

    she's been fantastic every time i've seen her, worth the $$$ but it was something like $15 in guelph way back when. i saw her in kingston in nov. most likely will attend in april.
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    Coachella 2005 lineup confirmations/rumours

    it's in the plan. the line up is fantastic, i could do without NIN & cold play though.
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    subtly subtle

    thank you & i see you as well have excellent taste. as for the other reply.. i say "hip hop" as it was most of the guys beginnings, it's quite the mix now. and psst, check out coahella's 2005 line up & drool.
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    What's your obsession?

    currently: poetry pizza partner maybe alliteration
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    Nobody cares.

    haven't been here in forever. but putting off papers will do that
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    subtly subtle

    east coast 6, with 4 season records & now a new white. front man dose -w/ some themselves presence. anyone into them? they're at lee's on the 28th, it's a mellow mix, more intrusmental then some of their solo projects, but still brilliant.
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    Restaurant on Queen St.?

    the friendly thai (near bathurst) is always a nice, inexpensive, stand-by.
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    Laptop shopping ... need advice

    dell dell dell . i have had 2, the current one i have is an IBM, i haven't expierenced *too many problems but for the ones i've had there is 0 tech support & after it leaves the store, they couldn't give a shit. everyone i know has had good expierences with dell. they are a little more...
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    Nobody cares.

    i can't sleep. ya ulcers, they suck.
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    people who keep losing your number.

    i've lost many before, not 6 times though. i think that suggests they have no intention of calling you, unless you call them.
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    abandoned mental assylum

    my friend Margarita has gone, as well as some other people i know, i heard it's eerily in tact, kinda spooky... but the security can be bitches.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    *edit, weird it didn't work.
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    Are you going to work tomorrow?

    i'm a danm hippy 'till i get back to waterloo, so no.