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    Sometimes you just can't top the original headline

    I totally disagree with the second article. TV shows such as "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer" were never popular.
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    $ubway home from work

    The subway was good back in the day but the bridge and tunnel crowd is ruining the scene.
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    People Who Are Ugly Yet Hot

    Richard Ashcroft
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    jobs in Alberta?

    I don't know what you're looking for but if you've got a skilled trade (i.e. pipefitting, welding, a steam ticket) you should be golden.
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    dwell magazine

    The May/June small spaces one or the July/Aug - Radical Ideas in Architecture edition?
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    Toronto International Film Festival Parties Thread

    I agree. Your column is hilarious. Great job.
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    Rockstar - Supernova?

    I'd probably check that out. It would be way better than Navarro's shitty Panic Channel record.
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    It's Jean Paul Gaultier
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    Virgin Festival @ Toronto Island Park

    Seriously! Amon was part I the reason I wanted only the day 2 tickets. Just to clarify, is Amon doing both a live set and a DJ set?
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    House :: ISAAC S :: Deep Summer 2006

    I've been really enjoying these two mixes quite a bit lately. Great job!
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    I'd most likely whittle my days in a state of perpetual procrastination.
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    Bad servers and how I want to kick them

    With something like that, even if I was left with zero tip, the moment the customer walks out the door is tip enough.
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    The what are you reading thread?

    Just finished summer classes not too long ago and now have time to catch up on my summer reading. Right now I'm midway through Robert J. Sawyer's Mindscan. Interesting story which takes place in Toronto in the year 2045; technology has advanced to the point that people have begun downloading...
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    The Future of Music - who NOW will be influential in the future

    Albums that come to mind, Dizzee Rascal - Boy in da Corner Disjointed agressive beats. I couldn't stand it when I first heard it but when I heard it half a year later it made complete sense to me. Monolake - Cinemascope Great use of space and rhythm. Personally, for a minimal techno record I...
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    Shy FX @ footwork, no towels!

    I missed him at the Kool Haus last time, so if I can finish this essay before tomorrow evening I'm in.
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    Another Docks realted tragedy :(

    Isn't that a tautology? Like butt-less chaps?
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    What a nightmare!

    Fuck I hope things turn out for the best.
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    F'D up Japanese TV show thread....

    Girl pop group Morning Musume vs. a lizard Japanese people are weird
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    F'D up Japanese TV show thread....

    Japanese wake up pranks It can't be real, but it's still funny.
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    a little self examination

    I wish I were smarter. In that regard I feel completely mediocre, which sucks because I always think that life would be so much simple if I were either a) really, really smart or b) a complete ignoramus