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    Man brutally tortured by his wife and her boyfriend in Toronto apartment

    Reminds me very much of this story. Winnipeg man tortured, held captive: family - Canada - CBC News
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    Surviving and prospering in the coming economic collapse

    Ive read articles by go gold guys so convincing that Im tempted to sell everything I own and live in a cardboard box full of gold nuggets staying up all night to protect them. Then I read an article from no gold guys claiming that gold is the biggest bubble since the tech boom in the late...
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    Surviving and prospering in the coming economic collapse

    Ive watched the freebies of Martenson on Youtube and you can't dispute what the man says, I especially nodded my head to "The next twenty years are not going to be like the previous twenty" and his claims are backed up by a lot of data. However, I proceed with caution whenever someone tries...
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    Nickelback. Srsly.

    Oh yes. Sig material right there...lol....
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    Nickelback. Srsly.

    To further elaborate my post from four years ago, what burns my ass the most about Nickelback and all the clones (theory of a deadman, default, hinder) is that they took all the things that were good about grunge (simplicity, lack of complex guitar solos, dropped tuning) and turned it into a pop...
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    A rave in the skydome

    I saw him in Wasaga Beach last summer. It was actually a good show, like Mofo, I don't know a whole lot of Deadmau5, but was pleasantly surprised at how ravey it was. Glowsticks, people rolling, it was pretty much a throwback. Love the Ben Rayner article. Someone should give him a reward for...
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    Spin Magazine: The New Rave Generation

    That Nero tune is such a let down for me. When I first heard it, the intro reminded me of that 97-98 trance sound, uplifting yet kind of dark at the same time, with a vocal sample that complimented rather than took over. Then the build...then the wobble fail. The "drop" in this tune was such...
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    Clonazepam, Alprozlam, Cipralex, Olanzapine

    Clonazepam/Alprazolam will cause blackouts. I was on benzo's for years, on an as needed basis, I would blackout but it would take a lot of booze to get to this state. Like 20+ drinks. New doctor got me off them, now its Cipralex/Wellbutrin/Seroquel; feel almost normal. I can drink beer but...
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    Stagflation, Recession or Depression of the World's Economies 2011-2012 edition

    Another way to "prosper" is on actual currency that we use every day. Dig through those change jars and look for pre 1967 Canadian dimes, quarters, fitty centers and silver dollars. They have a very high silver content, and with silver flirting with 40 an ounce, it makes these pieces...
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    Your fav rave

    WEMF 99, such a beautiful spot, awesome weather, and the first time I had every heard trance in a live setting (was a jungle dude) and met some great people whom I still talk to today. Hearing Binary Finary on that sound system was a thing of beauty. Nation-All Out March 99- Grooverider and...
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    Ever been ripped off by an ebay seller? Any experience with their buyer protection?

    That was then. Nowadays, your brother would have got his cash back, been able to neg the seller and crash his DSR's. In that case though the seller would deserve it. Ebay through the baby out with the bathwater though in its efforts to curb shady sellers.
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    Ever been ripped off by an ebay seller? Any experience with their buyer protection?

    IN the future for anyone who cares another way to attack this is through Paypal. Open a "Significantly Not As Described" case, type your banter, and paypal almost always refunds the entire payment. Legit sellers are having a hard time with this with buyers who do the reverse, get the item...
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    Will rising gas prices kill our already fragile "recovery"?

    To answer the initial question posted by Alex, it certainly isn't helping. I can only comment on my own business; I work with marina's in the Kawartha's and can tell you that the mindset attached to high fuel prices has already started to set in. The marina I am at the most has about...
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    An important article for you to read

    Ten years after the party Ive got the same anxiety and depression that my mother has battled since her late thirties and which we all know have been tied to the good old e's. My mother has never been drunk in her life let alone high. Did partying my ass off help? Probably not. Was I bound to...
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    Don't Forget To Vote! & the aftermath

    LOOOOOOL Its Steven Krueger!
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    Your Death Row Meal

    oooooh nice!
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    Gaddafi - Awesome, or F'ing Awesome?

    He would look so much better with a cigar in his mouth though.
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    Gaddafi - Awesome, or F'ing Awesome?

    He looks like the creepy old man that just freaked out your girlfriend by babbling incoherently at 9am on the Sunday of a music festival. For that he gets an f'ing awesome.
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    What's wrong with Iggy?

    This all reminds me of the Giant Douche/Turd Sandwich election in the States (Bush Vs Kerry) Iggy's American ties would prevent him from ever being PM, why oh why the Liberal rank and file didn't see this is beyond me. Chretien mastered the art of "getting along" with our neighbours to the...
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    Your Death Row Meal

    BBQ wings with extra sauce from tony's best in Lindsay (its a 705 thing) Montana's hickory smoke ribs Flamingo butterarts and a Skor/Reeses/Crispy Crunch Blizzard A pint of rickards red on and a Cohiba cigar. ok now pull the trigger I die happy....