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    DJ Ghaleon - Vault Dweller - Atmospheric 93 - 95 Jungle

    https://soundcloud.com/ghaleon/dj-ghaleon-vault-dweller-atmospheric-93-95-jungle Tracklist: The Source - Ice Oblivion - Lush Concept - Rush Spectrum - Let Yourself Go Sub Sequence - Music is the Vibe Babylon Timewarp - Changing Mafia (blackhand 1) - Feels So Good Mental Power - Deep...
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    DJ Ghaleon - Return to the Vaults - 93-95 Jungle

    https://soundcloud.com/ghaleon/return-to-the-vaults Strictly underground vibes. All original plates, all vinyl. Jungle for the conniseurs, who care about the way their jungle is mixed just as much as the selection. Be prepared for a drum workout :) Huge thanks to all the followers and...
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    DJ Ghaleon - Summer Sess'ion - oldschool jungle, chill summer vibes 93-95

    Summer is finally here, and I believe I have created the soundtrack for it The tunes included in this mix were carefully selected to fit an uplifting, atmospheric, reggae vibe. Emphasis was placed on smooth transitions and track progression. Lots of rarities, yet there are more than a few...
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    Black Crack Funk Attack

    Always a blast at BCFA :) Raging dance party!!!
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    DJ Ghaleon- JUNGLE LOVE - oldschool jungle love songs

    My promo mix for the upcoming oldschool jungle jam, Feb 17th at The Annex Wreckroom - JUNGLE LOVE 02.17.13 : JUNGLE LOVE @ WRECKROOM - SNIPER/MARCUS/LUSH/C64/GUNNS/PRIME/GHALEON/TOXIC Ragga, intelligent, and Jungle hardcore from 93-95 are all selected and mixed with TLC. Following...
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    >>>>>> TRIBE BBQ (TBQ) is tomorrow! July 28th!

    looking forward to dropping some sweet reggae :) See you there!!
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    MINT Technics 1200 M3D DJ Turntable

    Mint condition M3D for sale. Not a scratch on it, take a look at the pics. Used in a home setup for its entire life. Working perfectly. Comes with slipmat, and 45 adapter. Will also include a dust cover on request, and a bunch of records as well! Email soon before it gets snapped up. Able...
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    DJ Ghaleon - Special Dedication Volume 420

    The Soundcloud link has officially hit the download limit. Here's a new link with a permanent host. As an added bonus, this file is now 320k !! http://www.threeflavours.ca/ghaleon/specialdedication2.mp3 Cheers, and thx to everyone that listened and made the mix a huge success!!
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    DJ Ghaleon - Special Dedication Volume 420

    Very kind words!!! Thx for listening :) Respect! I hope to be back again thisyear to lay down some sweet reggae
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    DJ Ghaleon - Special Dedication Volume 420

    Boom!!! This has been a very popular mix so far. Soundcloud only allows 100 downloads, and that has almost been hit within days of releasing the mix. Once it hits 100 downloads Ill post up a 320k version on a permanent link!
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    --==*The Official Set Posting Thread*==--

    http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/dj-mixes/165913-dj-ghaleon-special-dedication-volume-420-a.html My latest and greatest!!
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    DJ Ghaleon - Special Dedication Volume 420

    Another mix for the true heads! Last years mix, “A Special Dedication”, was wildly successful. An amazing year has passed, one that saw Special Dedication bloom into something special indeed. Our crew is coming at you full speed with a number of exciting announcements for the summer and fall...
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    Thursday weekly - Deep DnB for free!

    woops wrong flyer lol
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    Special Dedication 6 @ Andy Poolhall

    Another amazing jam. Mad vibes all night long, right to the last tune. Gunns and I had a blast warming things up for the true heads who showed up early. Thanks for all the compliments on our set! Place got packed quickly as Rick Toxic took the reins. Proper jungle beatdown ending with...
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    Rollidge Promo Mix - Thursdays @ Andy Poolhall

    Rollidge Promo Mix - Thursdays at Andy Poolhall by Ghaleon on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free All deep intelligent jungle, 93-96. Every thursday we throw down deep, smooth, and sexy sounds inside Andy Poolhall. Always free cover, and cheap drinks before 12. Come...
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    Mr. Brown - Soul Sessions 3 - All Nu Skool Ragga Jungle

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ March 16th @ Andy Poolhall. Ragga Jungle all night!