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    FS: Various Instruments

    all items sold. thanks for looking!
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    FS: Various Instruments

    aloha! its time for them to move on and make wonderful music with other people. sharing links so you can see brand new retail price: 1: spector performer 4 string passive bass: in great condition. comes with gig bag, extra set of strings, shoulder strap and good vibes. $250 2: meinl true...
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    back to how it all started

    http://mixmag.net/feature/a-history-of-rave-in-dance-music-documentaries/ have a great weekend everyone! warmly, michael p
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    masculinity: a new story

    aloha! https://newandancientstory.net/learning-journeys/masculinity-a-new-story/ anyone check this out? really injoyed some of the podcasts. been wondering what being masculine is all about outside of the biological. anyway, i'm 42, i passed into manhood but not really sure what...
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    Fort McMurray Wildfire

    if you're feeling inclined to help our brothers and sisters during their time, please consider making a donation to the canadian red cross thank you for your time!
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    FS: Via Rail Tickets!

    via rail tickets for sale! unfortunately i am unable to use these tickets maybe you can! details are: 1 ticket departing toronto union station to montreal: friday december 26th 11:30am arriving at 16:52hrs, $75 tax included 1 ticket departing ottawa to toronto december 30th 17:06hrs to...
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    anxiety attacks.

    good evening! i would also like to suggest a fun and natural stress/anxiety reliever. dance. come dance in a movement meditation/ecstatic dance event (sober space) or go to a 5rhythms class. some links of the effects of dancing: Effects of dance on anxiety. - PubMed - NCBI Dance Your Anxiety...
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    Harvest Fest 2014

    good evening! im excited that its getting close and a bit miffed that this year, there is no free drinking water on site other than what is for sale at a reasonable cost . although it was a nice gesture that we are being informed ahead of time via email form justin its really a bad deal/idea...
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    fs: harvest tix

    Sold! See you on the dancefloor!
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    fs: harvest tix

    hello and good day everyone! wooo! so close now.. Just so we are clear, there is no physical ticket. Basically you're a plus 1 on Irving's list under a certain name which I will tell you if you're ok with that and I have $100 (cash or e-transfer). Ill make sure that you have my mobile number...
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    fs: harvest tix

    hello and good day! one person on my group is not able to participate and as such i have 1 harvest tix for sale @ $100 cash (face value no service charge). first person who has cash and emails me at quietlyquivering (at) gmail dot com. gets it. woohooo its almost here! warmly, p
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    Camping Gear Thread

    not exactly camping gear just got the 330 pro package! soo convenient! woohoo! Sport Kayaks designed for use with class iii rapids and rated for 500lbs. looking forward to testing it out so we can take it portaging. but hey if you want something more durable, for a couple of hundreds...
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    WTT/FS 4/4 Cello Outfit and NI Traktor S2 package

    the workin' it bump! happy moonday! $500 cash for the package
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    WTT/FS 4/4 Cello Outfit and NI Traktor S2 package

    bump! the woman is moving in soon and these items has to find a new home! could it be yours? ;)
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    WTT/FS 4/4 Cello Outfit and NI Traktor S2 package

    Selling the NI Traktor S2 package for $500 cash. Still under manufacturer's warranty. Comes with the UDG large producer's bag, decksaver, and laptop stand. save $$$ today! :D
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    WTT/FS 4/4 Cello Outfit and NI Traktor S2 package

    photos can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93844797@N06/sets/72157632936973242/with/8534531649/ thanks!
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    WTT/FS 4/4 Cello Outfit and NI Traktor S2 package

    Hello and Good Day! Are you interested in trading your mint condition iphone 4S 16/32GB (unlocked preferred but I will take a fido)? I have either of the following to trade. 1: 4/4 cecillio cello outfit black, with soft case, bow, stand, rosin and extra strings (6 months old impulse buy. Used...
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    wtt: blue jays vs red sox x4 tix

    Hello and great day everyone! Blue Jays Vs. Red Sox Platinum tickets x 4 (regular $52 ea Or if you want to buy them from me, $200 and you save service charges ) September 8th game @ 19:07hrs Isle 128 seats 107 -- 110 Field level bases Seating & Pricing | bluejays.com: Tickets WTT for...
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    happy new year!

    thanks alexd! as a sideline, we make 100% beeswax (with the wax coming from a bee farm in ontario) tea light candles. i'll post that in the buy and sell in a bit. thanks again! p