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    DJ FLEX - I hear the drums

    Happy New Year everyone: It's been a long time since I put up a mix. I've actually been mixing Videos now and love it. I got a few tracks together and decided to finally make a house mix for peeps. This is a mix of House, Vocal, Tribal sounds. I hope you enjoy it any feedback would be...
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    DJ FLEX = new House mix for February 2008

    http://www.tradebit.com/download.php/2723811 Click the link and then Choose a mirror site --- I assume you can then right click and save the mirror site link -- DAVID PENN ft DARIN J BELL "FEEL THE RISE" PLAIN WHITE TEES "HE THERE DELILAH" TAYLOR DAYNE "BEAUTIFUL" (speakerbox...
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    DJ FLEX presents: IT'S MY OLD SKOOL II

    Thank you :)
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    FREAKY FLOW & FLIPSIDE - LA SELVA X-MAS PARTY 2001 -- merry X-mas Junglists !!!

    So back in 2001 - LA SELVA ( A D&B weekly I ran in Rochester, NY) had an amazing x-mas pary at a club called VIBES -- it was the Sunday before X-mas and the place was rockin' -- Freaky Flow was celebrating his 5 year anniversary--- since it had been 5 years ago on that date in which he was...
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    DJ FLEX presents: IT'S MY OLD SKOOL II

    http://www.tradebit.com/usr/djflex585/pub/3/DJ-FLEX-presents-OLD-SKOOL-II.mp3 TRY RIGHT CLICK SAVE THIS LINK
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    DJ FLEX presents: IT'S MY OLD SKOOL II

    Well I right clicked on the link and saved it -- and it was downloading fine for me -- Anyone else unable to right click and save ???
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    DJ FLEX presents: IT'S MY OLD SKOOL II

    That's not what I meant to do -- I want people to be able to download it -- hmmmmm I'll try to fix it
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    DJ FLEX presents: IT'S MY OLD SKOOL II

    Here's another old skool mix for all of yuz who enjoyed my last one - This will def bring back memories or create new ones for those who don't know. As always I hope you enjoy the mix. FLEX WARREN G - THIS DJ KEITH MURRAY - THE MOST BEAUTIFULLEST THING IN THE WORLD SOUL II SOUL - KEEP...
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    Jocelyn Dee - some upbeat and fun dnb for you - Good Times Mix - NOV 2007

    Downaloding now - looking forward to hearing it
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    Anytime anyone wants to boo me for an old skool Hard HOuse set -- Flex vs Kamikaze -- I'm down like a clown Flex
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    This is getting Bumped -- I was just listening to this mix while playing a Poker tournament last night. Maybe there's some peeps out there who never got to download it ... Enjoy
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    BAD BOY BILL - MARS - April 14 1996

    It was at the Horticulture Building at the State Fair Grounds in Syracuse, NY at a party called MARS
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    DJ FLEX presents: Personal FX

    H O U S E mostly on a vocal tip w/ some elctro feel to it as well
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    DJ FLEX presents: Personal FX

    So I made a mix for my hairstylist the other day and figured I might as well let everyone else enjoy it. SUCKER DJ'S ft WRAY - SALVATION (ORIGINAL) EMILIA SOSA - RHYTHM OF LIFE (BACCI BROS / FRED PORTELLI CLU MIX) ASHLEY TISDALE - HE SAID SHE SAID (FRISCIA & LAMBOY DUB) FUZZY HAIR - 4...
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    Hi everyone: I've put together another mix for everyone to enjoy. It's on a house tip, some electro and vocal and tribal and stuff to shake your rump to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. CORINNE BAILEY RAE - YOUR LOVE IS MINE CRW - I FEEL LOVE CRYSTAL BALL - BABY BOY HERNANDEZ vs DJ...
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    Back to my HARD HOUSE - DJ FLEX

    Just in case some of you Hard House junkies did not see this last year
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    DJ FLEX - The Water is Tasty - June 2007 Mix

    Thank's a lot ... glad you like it and my other mixes... it does mean a lot when someone takes the time to write a positive comment. Thank you very much.
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    Flex live at Club Marcella circa summer of 1998 TAPE SIDE B

    I finally recorded side B of this tape and digitized it. So here's some more old skool tracks or even new tracks for people who were not around during that time period. Hope you enjoy it http://www.tradebit.com/download.php/1894641 love Flex p.s. I'm sorry for no tracklisting, It...
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    DJ FLEX - The Water is Tasty - June 2007 Mix

    My pleasure - it means a lot that you're enjoying it .... Glad I was able to bring a smile to your face Flex
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    Flex Live Club Marcella August 22 1999

    Another set that was sent to me via my boy Steve E - Digitla Earcandy - He does all the major sound for the Syracuse area and beyond. I guess he recorded this set on one of the Sundays and he just let me know about it. It's mostly some really good groovy house - in the middle the sound drops...