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    RESORT Reviews

    i went to the riu ocho rios last summer dont have any complaints riu's are very consistent and are well maintain hotels, worth the money going to riu negril this summer for my wedding.... of course nothing beats sandals ( honeymoon lol) but if i had to recommend one it would riu...
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    Fall clothes <cringe>

    the reason the coats are made in different places is because of the type of coat that it is and the material etc........china and a lot of other places have some of the best equipment for making really good coats (and clothes) that, canada for example, doesn't have..... lol does that make any...
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    Fall clothes <cringe>

    its true, they are the sister company of mackage, only difference is the price, and of course the leather...gotta love mackage for the amazing leather details
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    ~*...what is making you happy right now?...*~

    my morning coffee planning my wedding :)
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    Fall clothes <cringe>

    i sell this exact coat at my store...mendocino....along with about 4-5 other styles by them...as well as mackage coats.....fall coats are selling out really fast, so if you want it you should buy it :)
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    Fall clothes <cringe>

    Hey Skipper, fall clothes have already started to come out, by the end of august you will have a lot of choices.....there are few pieces out right now, dress pants, sweaters, new style of denim etc .....(lol working in retail has some advantages) :) hope that helps
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

    hahahaha this is such a great pic :)
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    Best Chicken Wings in the GTA

    i'm in the same boat as you...although i do love the superhot and do have them every time i go there...sooo good....mm wings my boyfriend however is the crazy one, he either gets death or armaggedon everytime we go..... :)
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    The HAIR Thread!

    Hello Ladies.....so i know there has been tons of threads started about places to get your hair cut, but i thought i would ask again.....i haven't been able to find a place that i really love and would want to go back to again and again......now that its spring i really do need to get my hair...
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    deeeep end with jon cutler, crosstown april 05

    yeah can't wait for tonight, a great way to celebrate my bday :)
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    rotating right now between three cds: Defected - for the love of house miguel migs - those things (his newest cd) LCD Soundsystem - sound of silver
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    HAPPY BDAY Jeremy Jive

    Happy Birthday :)
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    Your Favourite Chick Flick?

    ohhh i have a few.... the notebook moulin rouge love actually
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    Jeremy Jive | Think | Deep House

    awesome mix!
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    I'm Coming Out to My Dad Tonight!

    good luck!!
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    uggs vs emu's?

    agreed, i really hate that whole look, especially with the ugly baggy sweat pants that the girls tuck into them...
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    First myspace now facebook...anyone on it?

    i love facebook...lol but who doesn't !!!!
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    Ikea Bed Frames/Mattresses

    my boyfriend and i just bought that frame last friday, for only $268. we are just using the old mattress though. to be honest, the frame is fine especially for the price. we dont have a lot of money right now either to spend on a bed frame, so we decided to just go with the ikea one until we can...
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    OSUNLADE baby!

    SWEET!!!!! so there, can't wait to dance the night away
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    What are you having for dinner?

    maybe wings (Duffs) or left over curry...haven't decided yet