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    Family Guy

    Was watching family guy last night, and I'm looking for, but can't find a picture of Stephen Hawking at the Special people games. Please... :D
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    House/Misc - Trevor Wilkes - Backyard Beats

    ohh shit you recorded this... cool......
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    Daft Punk

    I Can't Waiiiiiitttt...
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    My last good wemf was the second year at Bobcaygeon. Took a holiday then returned when it was at Trudeau. Was pretty disappointed and chose not to go anymore. First wemf is always the best cause it's something new, the events after aren't what you expect. I was happier to work 12 hours all...
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    new chemical brothers album and tour

    i agree....
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    CN Tower - Now in full color

    I wouldve loved to install that :)
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    best house lyric ever!

    ^^^ all hummed the bassline when I read this.. lol.
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    best house lyric ever!

    I like Song For Shelter -FatBoySlim I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper ha.. into this thing the deeper I go the more knowledge I know, what to sing what to bring wha? I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, deeper, deeper into the vibe wha? why? Chillin'...
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    wtb: the following DVDs

    you can buy dark crystal at blockbuster....
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    12 inch therapy

    Was already a fan of this along time ago. Glad to see it's out now.
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    FS: Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3

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    FS: Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3

    Im selling my pioneer mk3 1000. It's in good condition, there's nothing wrong with it I just decided to let it go. I'll let it go for a $1000. Pm or email me at g_fresh18 at hotmail dot com Sorry I don't have pictures but it's the same as the other new ones. DAvo
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    are you serious...? just curious, trying to win an arguement.
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    Is Road Salt edible with a cucumber salad?
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    Daft Punk - Arrow Hall

    I would love to hear them play Rock N Roll and Rollin N Scratchin back to back.
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    family guy is hilarious right now...

    I thought that was hiliarious... DAvo
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    wow theres a lot of good breaks hitting toronto

    Im been listening to alot of Tipper lately. Thanks to you for bringing him up years ago, I believe. DAvo
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    LCD TV sounds is slower than video

    This would have nothing to do with the distance of the cable. Unless youre using cables that are 100's of feet.
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    Storm Update anyone??

    update; it's snowing
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    Finally! :D

    Downloaded this a few days ago, heard it soo many times and love it. nice work Robb.