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    James Lavelle GU 23

    you can find the promo on soulseek
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    James Lavelle GU 23

    i just gave disk one and two a listen and i'm quite impressed with his gu. disc one starts with some hip hop, moves onto some prog, and ends with breakz. disc two starts off with some dark driving prog and gets a bit funky and breaky at times. all in all, this is a must have for the cd collection.
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    review : playstation area 2 festival

    King Unique Remix
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    Sasha's Wavy Gravy

    after listening to it many times this weekend, airdrawndagger is quite possibly the best cd i've heard this year! like mentioned before, this is pure sasha style!
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    Steve Lawler & Satoshi Tomiie

    anyone know the time slots?
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    Plump djs-elastic breaks

    found it, thanks:D
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    Plump djs-elastic breaks

    here ya go. anyone know where i can find this bad boy? PERFORMER "Plump DJs" TITLE "Elastic Breaks" FILE "Plump DJs - Elastic Breaks.mp3" MP3 TRACK 01 AUDIO PERFORMER "Plump DJs" TITLE "Remember My Name" INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 AUDIO PERFORMER "Elektronauts"...
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    the original pic thread

    no, i live in TO but i have a bunch of friends in lon/uwo. i'm guessing you know maggie? it's a small world!
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    the original pic thread

    that's my friend maggie, not megan :)
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    John Digweed MMII

    thanks bud:)
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    John Digweed MMII

    anyone know where i can find the cue file for this album?
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    Don't like popups?

    click on the help tab and register opera. then copy and paste the serial and tadaa, no ads!
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    Don't like popups?

    here ya go... w-v5cma-MUfav-jFhLV-SaiAK-LiJzn
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    Getting Psyched for Friday!

    does anyone know what the song after tilt - headstrong is called? it's in the link given above.
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    post your top 5 time again...

    dayum! this is a great track! you wouldn't by any chance have this mp3 would ya? can't find it anywhere.
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    Sasha & Digweed Set Times.........

    this should get everyone in the mood for friday! http://www.formulapr.net/bios/sd/sd.tour.html
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    S+D essential mix from the WMC

    it's no sasha & digweed essential mix, but i've uploaded all of digweed's kiss 100 shows and guest shows from march on the tribe ftp. enjoy!
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    To all of you, tribe father, brothers and sisters-

    wow, i don't even know ya, but that was the most profound post i've ever read on a msg board. good luck in japan! btw, i'm thinking of moving to japan for a year after i graduate. any tips?
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    my car has had a curse put on it

    talking about bad luck! 1. my car was stolen for a week and when the cops found it the fuckers took everything inside. total, approx. $4000 worth of equipment. 2. my foglights were stolen right in my driveway one night. approx $400. 3. i was momentarily stopped at a stop sign. some...
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    sander kleinenberg@DAS KOOL HAUS

    thanks man!