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    Omar S, Basic Soul Unit et al

    Will be there, with cane et al. Dislocated my knee on the way out here. FFS. Can't wait for the tunes though.
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    Recommend A Comedian

    hAGADRzLaS4 unbelievable live, them red hot chili peppers I tell ya.
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    what you love.

    awww muffin
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

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    Metal detecting in Toronto

    just got this at a yard sale.
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    RIP Dan Sicko

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    RIP Dan Sicko

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    RIP Dan Sicko

    City Slang: RIP Dan Sicko | Metro Times Blogs too young.
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    The World's Best Sci-Fi Film is Bladerunner

    I have this, it is really cool:
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    Quotes to think on ? ?

    As you recognize your wholeness and worth, dysfunctional situations will evaporate like bad dreams exposed to the morning sun. -- Alan Cohen
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    Burger Joints?

    7 ounce burgers, homemade herb mayo, double fried fries. the best on the west side. awesome. large though. my mouth waters as I type.
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    Burger Joints?

    Chubby burger on augusta is zee bizness.
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    Camping Thread

    I'm heading in two weeks! booyah!
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    Jack Tripper Aka Dylan T "Megatawn" Spring 2010

    a revival bump to open your heads.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    mini pancake: salt baking soda flour oil is my guess
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    Pétanque in Toronto?

    I know nothing of this game, I did used to love playing horseshoes though and assume this would provide the same thrill of chucking things skillfully.
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    Pétanque in Toronto?

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    Beefs w/ your neighbour

    the crackheads next door used to steal my tomatoes. shows them, they tore the building down and I moved downtown. fukers
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    How much fallout is Toronto getting from Fukushima Japan?

    should have prefaced my post with a caveat stating that his writting is atrocious but that he had provided the actual links so the words were neither here nor there.
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    How much fallout is Toronto getting from Fukushima Japan?

    here at the bottom of the page is the statement indicating we have nothing to worry about. Health Canada's Radiation Monitoring Data