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    Jim Sharp - Straighten It Out Volume 2 - Original Breaks, Funk & Soul

    https://soundcloud.com/jimsharp/straighten-it-out-volume-2 No tracklist this time around, but I will be releasing a couple of edits a week from the mix on Soundcloud for the next few months. Hope ya dig it.
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    Jim Sharp - Straighten It Out - Funk & Soul Mix

    Mr doublecross, how are you man? Funktion - thanks for the props on the dj love remix mate. And yep, I'm the same guy.
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    Jim Sharp - Straighten It Out - Funk & Soul Mix

    http://soundcloud.com/jimsharp/straighten-it-out 1. Grandma's Hands (Jim Sharp Edit) - Bill Withers 2. Ain't No Stairway High Enough (Gramatik Edit) - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 3. I Forgot To Be Your Lover (Jim Sharp Edit) - William Bell 4. Trippin Out (Jim Sharp Edit) - Curtis Mayfield...
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    Hear Nu Evil (Jim Sharp & Nu Money) - MIXTAPE MARAUDERS

    Apparently Divshare got hacked... Got a crazy apologetic email from them yesterday... The link is back up AGAIN!
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    Hear Nu Evil (Jim Sharp & Nu Money) - MIXTAPE MARAUDERS

    the link was down, now it's back up
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    Hear Nu Evil (Jim Sharp & Nu Money) - MIXTAPE MARAUDERS

    http://www.divshare.com/download/4603748-1be 1. Marauders Intro 2. Lil' Bo Tweak - K-Rizzle (Jim Sharp Re-Fizzle) 3. DSK - What Would We Do (Jim Sharp Remix) 4. Cabin Bwoy (Patchwork Pirates) - Ludaworld 5. John Williams & Crookers - Imperial Beatbox VIP 6. Ruffneck - Everybody Be Somebody...
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    Hip hop dnb djs

    Too commercial? WHUT? lol (just taking the piss!) Definitely, I was the "jiggy side of jungle" (great name for a lp btw : P) Tack, long time, mayne. Hope everythings good with you. This is my first post on tribe in like, 5 yrs. I can't believe I a) am still a member & b) remembered my...
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    Happy birthday Monkey!!!!

    Happy barfday Matty!
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    Afrika Bambaattaa

    Crazy that you mention that... I was at work the other day and look over at the LP section and guess who's shoppin for vinyl. Bam himself. Then he asked me what the tune playing was and bought two copies of Massive Attack's 'Blue Lines' on wax. Apparently, he was stopping over in London before...
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    Mint-condition METRO DJ Series M1.0 Collector Cards

    So I was cleaning out my studio and I stumbled upon the full set Myka - Rookie card - "Favorite DJ: Danny Tenaglia" Big League Chu - Rookie card - "Secret Weapon: D-Monic's Mom" Switch - Rookie card "Alcohol Consumption limit 15-25 drinks" (yeah right) Red Lion - Rookie card - "Most...
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    The best live show I've EVER seen. Magical. Add everyone elses posts together and that's what I want to say but I have no words to accurately express how amazing that was. Kinetic
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    Recording a Set?

    Dude, Just go to Long & Mcquaid and get one of those crazy long rca cords, get an RCA to 1/8 adapter, get Cool Edit Pro (my fave wave program) and got str8 in dawg! If that helps at all. :confused: That's what I do.
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    Ya, I back off waiting for you to dent the backboard with one of your bricks. When you play it's like watching a sud-division go up, brick by brick, by brick.
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    D'oh! Dude, this could go on for days, I'll ring you tonight.
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    They make razors that small?
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    Chuck, What are you doing this saturday? I'm heading out Corwins place in the eats-end for some hoops and BBQ. They just layed a brand new totally flat ashfault(sp?) court right beside his place...... "What's up now patna? You wanna ball, we'll ball!" If your not going away, it's time...
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    Only you are this infamous.... http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46881 :D
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    **Breakfest...August 31st...4 year!!**

    Dun, dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuun! **NEWSFLASH** We have received confirmed reports that the RCMP has intercepted plans from a unknown source that the man know simply as "The Terrorist" from the Kickit splinter cell will be planning an attack on Aug. 31/03. Also known as Chemical Chuck...
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    Snoop D-O Double G

    What do you spin? If it's any type of electronic music.... it would be like saying "Those E faced ravers, yet another reason why I don't play (insert genre here) anymore" There's idiots in every scene. Your post sounds extremely pretentious. Nice one. Kinetic