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    RIP Jake Abramowitz aka Q-tip, Kuba, Kubatron

    Been a minute for me too. Sad to learn of Jake's passing this weekend. Was great to see him a couple weeks ago at the beach. Condolences to those that were close to Jake. Jake and I stayed in touch over the years, mostly through Facebook messages. RIP Kuba, you'll be missed by many my brother.
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    haven't been here in quite some time...but RIP. This is a tragedy.
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    What's up?!?!!

    Who's still on here... been a minute, how are all you crazy bastards keepin' on?
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    Mat Lunnen Dirty Tricks Podcast Episode #2: Pezzner

    2nd in a series of podcasts i'm putting together. Please have a listen! Dirty Tricks Podcast #2 PEZZNER by Mat Lunnen | Mixcloud
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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    Really sad, hope he's comfortable.
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    EDM is jumping the shark in Vegas

    I was there this year, and actually saw Calvin Harris. The whole thing was a shit show. Rammed.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2014-15

    i liked Gleason.
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    Mat Lunnen - Slow Your Roll Mix

    A laid back mix of nu disco, deep house and tech. Mat Lunnen | Mixcloud
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    OOORRR.....are the guys that Daryl just joined up with... These guys?
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    I think that they'll meet Jesus when the get to the sanctuary, and it will all start then....
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    DMT anyone done it?

    I can't even smoke a joint without wanting to cry.
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    The Walking Dead - Series

    Lucille is coming......so for THAT...i wait.....but man she's been a sleeping so far.
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    Whoa whoa....whoa...easy Xbox ad....

    Alex, you have an xBox ad with audio at the top of the page that almost blew my face off when it played. I'm old, I don't like loud noises. LOUD NOISES!!
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    Footwork has closed

    Fuck bro, why all the hate? We get it, you don't like footwork because it became popular. Enough already.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    She's wearing shoes?
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    GRAVITY - Best Reviewed Movie Ever ?

    ^ nerd.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    I was 75% right.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    Todd get's rejected by Lydia, goes nuts and kills her. Heads back to the compound pretty heated.......and Walt shows up with the gun. Walt shoots everyone, frees Jessie, and then...after telling Jessie how he is the only family he has left, takes the Ricin. Walt dies. Jessie takes the money...
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    Footwork has closed

    After my residency at Element was cut short due to the bar unexpectedly shutting down...I chatted with Joel (we shared a res in Hamilton together) about a series of rather small warehouse parties he was planning at an old movie studio...and he asked me to take on a night for them. Those parties...
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    I know right? Like...oh, i had a son and he died...i never saw the body though....wait, my son is still alive and HE is the killer?!? all in one episode. so weak.