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    Riggs - Proof of Concept (Funky n Disco House Mix)

    This is some good ear wax!!!
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    Art Official / "R U HUMAN?" / Electrohouse

    yosh....DL set now....good to see youre still around... i lost your contacts, been trying to get a hold of you for a minute now... send me a contact...
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    DJ DILIGENCE MIX-" REMINISCE: (my soul) " .. DnB

    Reminicing no doubt big tunes... programming to perfection.... :D
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    XBOX Package Deal

    SOLD Just to inform you guys i was able to sell for my asking price...and it didn't take long at all. but the question still remains did i really want to sell it? ahhh the dilemas...
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    XBOX Package Deal

    Re: Re: XBOX Package Deal you know what yer attitude is kife... thanks for trying to ruin this thread... you could have left that comment out, what it is, im offering a package thats practically new, and im sure anyone whos in the market for one wouldnt mind saving $250 or so dollars. i...
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    Shoei RF-800 Motorcycle Helmet

    Red Shoei RF-800 Size: Med. < not %100 sure though Used only for one season Not a single scratch! comes with clear and tinted visor... plus ill throw in another Shoei TF-280 with red and black decal. Size: Large another bonus ill throw in a red cargo net off the top of my head...
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    Sony CDX-M600 & Rockford Fosgate 250 Punch

    Bought Brand New in 2001, sold car, had to keep the deck and amp. Too good to let go, at the time. Both the deck and amp are in A1 condition, not a single scratch on either. As I always take care of everything i own. Sony CDX-M600 w/remote i paid 718.00 tax incl. and the amp Rockford...
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    XBOX Package Deal

    I just purchased everything on boxing day except for the DVD remote which i just bought last week and haven't even used the thing... the XBOX and all accessories are in A1 condition, still have all packaging for everything, honestly Ive probably only logged on about 30hrs. of playing time. The...
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    Official Planet Bass Venue Location & Time Slots

    OFFICIAL PLANET BASS VENUE LOCATION AND TIME SLOTS All right Empire Massive here’s the details for the most anticipated event of the year. The Lineup: Drum and Bass Main Arena: 09:00 – 10:00 Everfresh 10:00 – 11:00 Mystical Influence 11:00 – 12:30 Catchin’ Wreck 12:30 –...
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    Challenge This... The ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT!!!

    Here's minor details for now: November 10th 2002 Locked and confirmed!!! Keep posted i should have the 16 entrants up by tonight or tomorrow! Good Luck!!!
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    anyone know when fridays at milanos starts?

    i was there two fridays ago assuming there was UKG playing but it was DnB so i guess its already started, but i think they're alterneting between UKG and DnB every other week...dont quote me on this tho.
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    Challenge This... The ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT!!!

    Actually, we've just been speaking with a venue owner and although things aren't locked down %100 it seems as though we're looking at the first week of November. That is all for now...we'll keep you posted as soon as. peace
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    Blaze It Up - More Fire Tour

    Ragga Jungle all night, well most of the night. This is gonna be off the hizzle!
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    Challenge This... The ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT!!!

    sorry guys, i know we've been lapsing on the 16 finalists. What we can announce is that they HAVE been choosen with an additional 3 wildcard spots just in case any of the finalits can't make it for any reason. I know some of you may be pissed off that we're not gonna mention the names until the...
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    Challenge This... The ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT!!!

    We were ready with the 16 finalists but with the sudden surge of last minute entries, we were forced to listen to each of them a second time just to make sure we were happy with the finalists, all i can say right now is that we're certian of 11 entries and now have to decide on another five with...
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    Challenge This... The ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT!!!

    enough that i wish we had charged everyone the $35 registration fee...cause we're gonna have to listen to most of them a second time to make sure that we've selected the top 16 entries meanwhile considering that we'd like to display the wide diversity that drum and bass has to offer. Like i...
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    Challenge This... The ONE SOUND TOURNAMENT!!!

    By no means is there gonna be a landslide winner... I've been checking out the demos and i must say im rather impressed there's tonnes of amazing talent out there and they're all underexposed. Which makes us feel better about why we're holding this competition. Anyway, im liking the display...
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    Body Roc line-up 04.21.02

    I dont like to make excuses, but yes last night was a little slower then usual but there was still 120 people who walked through the door, more then your exagerated 10, but remember last night was the tuesday after a long weekend and there are many who are still trying to recover, this was kinda...
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    Body Roc line-up 04.21.02

    Sorry guys Marcus will not be playing tonight... He was expected to return from his Vancouver trip earlier today unfortunately he wont be able to make it So in his place im substituting EVERFRESH. Look out for Marcus next week.
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    Body Roc line-up 04.21.02

    OOOOHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSHHHHHHHIT!!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!! Another installment of Body Roc at System Soundbar, where we bring you great music, great people, and wicked vibes. There ain't nothing more you can ask for when you combine the three, or is there? How about the solid DJ lineups...