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    FS: Audio Technica ATH-CM7 Headphones

    Brand new Audio Technica ATH-CM7 SV Ear Bud Headphones - $120.00 Asking $120.00 MSRP US$249.00 The 15.5 mm diameter neodymium drivers in Audio-Technica's ATH-CM7 SV aluminum ear-bud headphones deliver deeper bass, extended treble and higher fidelity. Extended cord support on ear buds...
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    Dynaudio bm5a professional studio monitors

    I purchased these two years ago from Long & McQuade. They are in absolute mint condition and are one of the top level monitors on the market. I used them for production work only at low to moderate listening levels. Here is a link for the specs: http://www.dynaudioacoustics.com/bm5a.asp...
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    Traktor Scratch Duo - $250

    why sean why??:confused:
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    WTB--High-End Audiophile headphones

    check your pm
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    Wanted: two speakers

    http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/buy-sell-rent/159039-krk-v6-series-2-studio-monitors-600-a.html $500 OBO
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    KRK V6 Series 2 - Studio Monitors - $600

    yep.. still got the original boxes..
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    KRK V6 Series 2 - Studio Monitors - $600

    Not exactly sure, but I do know the V6's a significantly better.. If you're looking to produce, the dont skimp out on monitors.. Rokits are ok for listening to music but for production would be less than ideal... I'll let these v6's go for $500! NO LESS or I'll just keep them for a second...
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    KRK V6 Series 2 - Studio Monitors - $600

    $600.00 For Sale 1 pair of KRK systems V6 series 2 Powered studio monitors in excellent condition. Some Features include: 6" woven Kevlar woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter 90w biamp w24dB oct.filter XLR/TRS combo input 55 Hz to 20kHz Magnetically Shielded Auto on/off feature...
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    FS: XBOX 360 UFC Undisputed

    price drop - $40
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    FS: XBOX 360 UFC Undisputed

    UFC Undisputed - $50.00
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    Joey Youngman aka Wolfgang Gartner

    good stuff. wow i had no idea joey youngman was wolfgang gartner. I think most of his stuff is pretty dope. "Yin" blows the roof off any club.
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    House Your Body @ Suba

    I was there for opening night and was very impressed as well. Its nice and dark and the space is a great layout.. great vibe. Going this weekend!
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    FS: Pinoeer CDJ1000MK3 - brand new

    Is it still for sale?
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    Sony Psp + 3 Games

    no. Its the 1000 I believe
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    Sony Psp + 3 Games