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    Box of ill. Aliens

    according to the latest email: 11:00 BOK (JAMIE KIDD + FABIO PALERMO + MIKE GIBBS + HALI) 2:00 AKUFEN 3:30 BOK (JAMIE KIDD + FABIO PALERMO + MIKE GIBBS + HALI) ************************************ 10:30 SHEN 12:00 SIDENOTE 1:00 BLUETECH 2:30...
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    LF: Life Drawing Classes

    not a class persay but Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art school has a Toronto chapter that is a really fun night of life drawing. http://www.drsketchy-toronto.com/ subject matter tends to be burlesque dancers/ performance artists of all walks so there is some really interesting material to work with...
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    The Birth Control Thread!

    I have a diaphragm (that these days sits in its little carry case and reminds me of my single inactivity *sigh*) I like it a lot. its not hormonal perfect... I use back up when I expect to be ovulating... when I was in a LTR i did the whole temperature taking to know when that would be. As...
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    Let's talk about spas!

    I get emails from wayspa on occasion and thought this might be of interest... https://www.wayspa.ca/gift-certificates/50-for-39/ its a sale on their gift certificates which is kind of weird but i guess its just an easy way to give a discount since they arent spa-specific (they are kind of...
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    The Charlatans - You Cross My Path

    nice, thanks :)
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    Cheapest beers/watering hole.

    bistro 422 has my heart for now and forever i used to like the food there, but then the cook was gone and berger had to make it and serve himself which turned him from surly in a fun cuz you know he really likes ya to a surly in a fuck off kind of way. once i pet a cat pawing through a...
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    Getting I.D'd

    I had to produce ID at harbourfront to rent skates. They wouldnt accept a health card. I understand them wanting something that you want back so you dont just take the skates but I didnt have anything else on me. After lengthy discussion, "how about my whole wallet" no? *sigh* "cell phone!"...
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    The Nuvaring thread

    *le sigh* me and hormonal bc just dont get along. after side effect after side effect on the nuvaring i cast it aside in july. august's period was 2 weeks late and then i didnt have a period until 2 weeks ago. i might add that was 3.75 months of boy-am-i-ever-fucking-pleasant! ah...
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    Spas in Etobicoke area

    what about a gift certificate to something like wayspa.ca? they kind of work like expedia for spas and so if the person has a favorite they can pick and choose as they like. they can also exchange your choices if you guess wrong (i cant read minds mom)
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    Police Drug test

    the ethics I'm referring to have nothing to do with drugs though, thats personal opinion. I was referring to the ethical responsibility of a police officer to abide by the law in his or her own practice. I dont extend this to believing in any given law, but a police officer should obey the law...
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    Police Drug test

    You can hold true to ethics supporting decriminalization/legalization without breaking the law. Believing that resources are wasted on prosecuting lifestyle crimes never needs to be proven by actively committing those crimes. You might say that the ethics of serving on the police force means...
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    the best eggs benny in town?

    www.freshwoodgrill.com not exclusively breakfast but a good little brunch menu
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    Nobody cares...

    *cough* *wheeze* the cold I thought I was recovering nicely from came back full force this morning. the bar we had dinner at was a smoking establishment (im visiting kansas) which may account for much of the heavy-lung today. oh well tonights plans have been downgraded to watching dr...
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    Christmas Diner Menu

    christmas morning: st urbain bagels (that I brought with me to kansas... nothing like them in middle america) and veg and cheeses for an easy light prep for christmas dinner: gin and tonic appetizer, a never empty glass of wine, ham and turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, some green...
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    T'was the SATURDAY before Christmas...

    was up and out the door for 9 to do all the necessary running around the city with last minute errands. pleased to have stayed on schedule with enough time to double and triple check everything. time to leave for my flight to kansas city, 2 hour stopover in chicago (ugh). have a great week!
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    my every-other-day streak to the gym just hit the three week mark, which is usually what it takes to form a habit for me. Im excited. To add to the motivation I also am noticing the muscles starting to make an appearance in the mirror. Now just to remember to hit the gym while away next week...
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    Topless Teacher: Should she be fired??

    what are all the issues around modelling nude?
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    Nobody cares...

    eep I just found out that the National Ballet is producing The Taming of the Shrew in March 2 weeks before the Theatre production Im co-producing starts at dancemakers. I am on the fence as to whether this may help or hinder our draw since we have a lot of crossover in audience Oh and on that...
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    Attention ChrisD, Tribe males and female adventurists:

    a friend of mine tried out last weekend. got her ass kicked but put up enough of a fight that she feels pretty confident of a call back
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    Getting Fucked by Promoters.... <<outrageous>>

    did you say or write anything that might come across as threatening or harassing or was this out of the blue? That may be a big factor in whether you should try to persue this.