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    Andy C and Zinc

    Damn, I havent EVER been to a zinc party. And to have Andy C at the same party is insane. I hope its at a HUGE venue, cuz Im gonna need some space get down. But I got to hit the Full Cycle party aswell, and isnt that like...a week or two b4 this one??? SHIT! Not enough moneys peace
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    ez rollers - titles of the unexpected

    Where can I download it??? Its nowhere to be found on Kazaa
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    Planet Of The Drums

    I still remember the time I went to hear AK1200 play at System Soundbad ( I think), and there were maybe...12 people their!!! Too bad really. I think that he is a sick dj, and has a lot of tunes that we never hear here in Toronto. And the fucken MC was giving the few people that showed up a...
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    hate runs deep..

    Yeah, k-Os is sick too. But I just dont think he's proven himself yet. I think he has to come out with another good album (although I havent heard his last one), and then he might be considered one of Toronto's best I must admit,. i like his rhymes and how posative they are. Definitly. peace
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    hate runs deep..

    I gotta agree. That track is ill! ANd saukratese (sp?) has got to be the most talented man in hip hop to come out of Canada. He is a decent rhymer, sings alright hooks, and better yet, he can produce some bad ass tracks! Thats why he is talented moer so then most. However....The illest Mc has...
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    SUV @ Orange Room

    My Freaken Ears!!! Seriously, I have never been this def before in my life! Like WTF. Anywayz...I thought the party was pretty damn good. But I gotta agree with miss riot on the part about his set not having much flow. I loved the harder shit that he played that got me jumping to the...
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    Online Record Shopping

    Hey whats up everybody. Ive been listnenig to my vast collection of classic drum n bass on mp3, and I realize that I will have a really hard time finding them in the record stores of T dot. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good Online Stores that might have some of the older tunes...
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    Aphrodite @ F@

    Man, that party was a waste of time! Driving all the way to steel town, to hear a half assed set by aphrodite. I cant blame him, the vibe was shit, so why should he put much effort into it, but still. Ht played some alright tunes. But near the end of his set, he just threw in a cd, and let...
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    your thoughts

    I think Drum n Bass/Jungle is really progressing in the right direction. I for one, am a big fan of good mc'ing. And I used to love tracks of the 96 - 98 era...where Mc'ing was essential, in my opinion. But recently, there have been ALOT of really good releases, from so many different...
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    k-w krew (not knowledge and wisdom)

    In Toronto? If so, where is it? Im definitly interested in seeing them again. Last time I saw em at milano's, they were so fucken Hype. Big up the KW Krew
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    For Sale: Fire - Urban Shakedown Remix *Mint & Unplayed Condition

    Whats up man? Link me at liam005@hotmail.com please... Peace
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    how fast do you mix???

    I mix slow, but thats because I suck, :(
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    the man from brazil

    That party was off the hook! patife was playing a loungy set, but I thought it was perfect for the night. It warmed us up for the SS And Skibba. And once they came on, it was awesome. Too many rewinds on SS's set. And the sound was kinda muffled. it was weird. But Skibba totally took over...
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    i like to share

    Wanna share with ME stirFry? I really want that V Recordings Set you got....heres my icq # 107971218 I got a bunch of sets that we can trade with too
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    !!!!this One Is A Warning!!!!!

    How can I download this??? I love the Ragga Ish
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    RECORDS FOR SALE: Ragga & Old School

    So I take it you sold the "Funkendemup" already??
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    V/Mayday Venue Sneak Peak!!!!

    Im SO looking forward to this party. Especially after seeing the lighting! Looks Good Boyz! Peace!
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    Go-Go dancers

    Ha ha ha ha. I just watched the andy C set, and those girls are HILARIOUS! Oh Gosh!
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    Go-Go dancers

    Yeah, Ive seen em at Mad Bar b4 for the goldclub event...I think it was Randall. I thought it was pretty cool actually. It was like EC was doing Jungle...funny shit. The girls were hot, and wearing very little. And since our jungle scene is lacking girls as it is, a lil more eye candy...
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    V Recordings Jam on Oct 12th?

    This party COULD be SICK. I bought my ticket a couple days ago...and got a cool poster to boot! But Im worried about the turn out. It seems really last minute for a party of this calber...I got my fingers crossed that all the dj's show up, cuz it would be a first time seeing JJ and Gee...