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    G20 policing costs. High speed first class gravy train! Yikes!

    So you guys are thinking they should just work for straight time when they skip their vacation or regular days off? Would you?
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    Why do police funerals have to be so over the top?

    I know it's tough for the more self-concerned segment of our population to understand, but have you considered the possibility that this funeral had nothing to do with you? Maybe it helps reassure the coworkers that they will be honoured in a similar fashion if they die while on duty. This...
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    Why do police funerals have to be so over the top?

    Ya, I bet it's the highlight of his year when someone who works for him dies and leaves a two year old behind.
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    Giambrone admits affair

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    WHo do you think will win the Toronto Mayoral race?

    I'm hoping George wins, purely for the entertainment he's sure to provide.
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    Collection Agencies: What are the rules?

    Ya right. I wouldn't pay you to rake my lawn.
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    The Hate and The Quake (Haiti)

    Oh that's a nice thing to say. Opinions other then yours are ignorant are they ratprick? That's so typical of the bleading heart leftist crowd.
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    The Hate and The Quake (Haiti)

    ....90 years ago....
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    The Hate and The Quake (Haiti)

    Great Article. I'm going to use the same logic with that pesky collection agency that keeps calling me. My sister stole 3 dollars from me when we were kids. That's why I can't pay my bills.
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    TTC fares going up to $3 a ride!

    Ya, what was the deal with that?
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    the origins of humanity, monogamy, and giving women stuff for sex

    I can just imagine how underwhelming the polyamorous/pervert crowd response to this is going to be.
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    Mad Men

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    Garbage Strike

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    Garbage Strike

    You obviously interpreted her comments incorrectly.
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    Dog Owners Thread

    Is it a puppy that you take to the dog park? If so it's probably just papilloma. It's a Virus that will go away on it's own. Once she's had it once it shouldn't ever return.
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    Garbage Strike

    So you're saying that I can't complain about the inadequacy of the services I pay for because the people who live off my taxes aren't happy?
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    Another BoC rate cut

    I like how you think that signing a contract is a scam. If you had a fixed rate that was well below prime I'm sure you wouldn't be too happy if the bank declared the mortgage it signed with you a scam and jacked your rate up.
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    %9.5? Prefereds where just issued for %6.25.
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    Bank of Canada rate

    You don't need to perfectly time shit, son. You just need to pay attending to the BOC and bond rates which you should be doing if you have a couple hundred thousand dollar tied up in it.
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    Bank of Canada rate

    I disagree. You can't make a general statement like that because you don't know when an individual is going to take a fixed rate in relation to what's going on in the market. If you assume that everyone is a lemming and they will renew their 5 year fixed every five years for another 5 year...