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    Don Cherry fired

    Black face is a ok and gets you a contract extension, you people is not and gets you fired. Can we just start fining people for bad behaviour, like athletes get fined for speaking against referees or their organizations? I'm just tired of the top news being guy says something inappropriate, and...
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    A Game of Thrones: OMG!!! George RR Martin's fantasy set for HBO!!!

    Also Theon. Great episode. I think it's too be expected they have to wrap things up and it won't be to everyone liking. I'm going to be very forgiving with everything since i really just want the series to end and see it through. It was the same for me with Breaking Bad, Sopranos, The Wire...
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    Everytime they need the plot to progress another person will be a cylon err. host and or the storytelling will add a timeline lol. Easy to ignore if you enjoy it.
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    Las Vegas Massacre 58 Dead 500+ injured

    Why leave this part out? "A jailed man whose gave a statement in November to police and the FBI recalled a man he believed to be Paddock " So some jailed guy believed some guy was Paddock and believed he heard him say. and what else did he believe. Based on watching way too much 48 hours...
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    Political Correctness running amuck....

    Maybe this past supporter should go debate Jordan in a public venue. Jordan is no doubt preaching, but why does it speak to so many? To each their own. i do not see why he is any more dangerous than any other organization, corporation, religion, leaders, politicians, etc. Which side does not...
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    Black Lives Matter vs PRIDE

    Why not just reject the request?
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    Facebook's secret banhammer manual revealed

    I would say people who put all their information into social networks are the idiots.
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    Facebook's secret banhammer manual revealed

    People just want attention. Especially this pink hair guy. Ofcourse your data is being used. Nothing is misused. Used as intended. And they will do it again once people forget. It's the people's fault for sharing it.
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    Canadian Conservative Party

    People don't feel the way I do. idiots! maggots!
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    Bank of Canada rate

    Scrolling through the news stream today after seeing the rate announcement. I saw the following that nicely describes the financial status of Canadians. Edit, on top of that we are buying used fighter jets from Australia.
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    Pyeongchang Winter Olympics - 2018 (without Russia)

    Russians are so scary.With all their drugs.
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    Louis CK was a funny funny man

    I think articles need to cover this for future could be victims. have some self respect and leave in these situations or you are possibly whoring your self out and enabling the abuser.
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    A Game of Thrones: OMG!!! George RR Martin's fantasy set for HBO!!!

    The Targaryen family tree is full of inbreeding. House Targaryen
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    A Game of Thrones: OMG!!! George RR Martin's fantasy set for HBO!!!

    I thought the ambush was really weak. Kind of ruined an otherwise good episode for me. Shows up out of nowhere without being noticed right onto her ship. Easily defeats the sand snakes, whom I didn't even like, but just felt like a quick plot cleanup.
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    The Toronto Real Estate Market

    Metro Vancouver Stats since the introduction of the foreign buyers tax: March 2017: Detached sales down 46% yoy, price down 5% since tax introduced Attached sales down 25% yoy, price up 1.3% since tax introduced Apartment sales down 18% yoy, price up 5% since tax introduced Sales & listings -...
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    Trump Presidency

    She had problems getting into the US before trump was elected. As well as other members of her family.
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    religion. what is it good for. like seriously

    I like the community aspect and the 'good' social values of religions. The blind belief in God part is a socially acceptable mental illness. Like a paranoid schizophrenic seeing and hearing demons. Actually the former at least truly believe they see and hear those things. I blindly believe in...
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    Black Lives Matter vs PRIDE

    She reminds me of a racist.
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    Telus charges dude $24,000 for 8gb of data? WTF!!?

    All you have to do a wipe the phone.
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    Trump Presidency

    That self conflicting Milo article is infowars/dailybeast like.